Bunker Away from My Bunker

So today was almost as pleasant as I expected it to be unpleasant, you prayer people really must have your shit together or something.  So thanks.  First, today is Sunday and I skipped church, so I indulged a little whim and studied my Bible longer than normal (normal lately is “none.”)  I’m going to do that again, I liked it.

Skipped church, Deon?  Oh, really?

Yes.  Instead of church, there was a flurry of activity.  I took the dog to some people who said they’d take care of him, and I hope they do it right, because this dog is my closest and best friend in the world.  That’s right, and my best friend pulled the leash so hard on yesterday’s walk and ran behind and then in front of me so fast I tripped and fell, and then ran away from me to meet the neighbors and their dog.  My knee and my left hand wear the battle-scars, and fortunately their dog and his people are sedate and docile and didn’t panic nearly as much as I felt like doing.  He was basically fine toward them, although he really REALLY wanted to go meet them and their big old dog.  At least he didn’t bite their baby, or their dog.  I’ve learned a new way to hold the leash so he can’t pull (ha, ha) that shit again. But today, he was fine, and these people are great.  He settled right in, which is great but at the same time, he’s only met them twice; what kind of drugged pepperoni did they feed him?  And can I get some too?

After delivering the dog, we packed everything, almost including the kitchen sink into the van and drove all day to get here.

I’m exhausted.  But then we had a brilliant communal family meal, I had a long hot shower, and tomorrow will be an adventure in a new place.  I’m holed up in a local no-tell, with the family, and the doors are locked on the van AND the room.

I had a lovely cuppa tonight with my food, full, and relaxed, and I’m the more tired because I couldn’t find my med that caused yester-whoops, scratch that, day-before- yesterday’s, insomnia so I’m not amped up on that for now.    It’s been a good day.  Can this be the trend for a while?


2 thoughts on “Bunker Away from My Bunker

    1. Well, the hotel coffee is crap, there’s no food, my hip is sore, my allergies are flaring up (Yay, Allergies!—oh, sorry, that’d be allergy “flair.”), and my family is bitching about food and let’s go already, pushing me through to the next phase despite my morning exhaustion and my hip, and there’s only one bathroom and they don’t want shit to stink. Fortunately, mine doesn’t, right? ( 😀 ) So there’s my laundry list but we’ll see how the adventure continues. Hope you are having a decent string of days. I’ll probably not be able to check until tonight.


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