Survived Hell Week.

Fuck, what a dumpster fire of a week.  I didn’t write shit in my blog because I didn’t have three seconds to myself.  You’re welcome, everyone.

My parents and one of my sisters kept having serious, life threatening not-health situations.  I went to the hospital a couple times to visit, and ended up just staying until visiting hours were over because who knows how long I’ll have the chance to just hang out with mum and dad.

I hate fucking doctors and doctors’ offices and hospitals and how health declines when we get older.   Rotten teeth, rotten disposition, rotten finances, messy house, messy relationships.  These things do nothing to encourage me.

I passed the routine physical and probing tests the doctor ran for my permission to go camping with the Boy Scouts for another year if I can find the time.  Oh yeah, that was another part of my personal hell week.

I took some more shit from Mrs. M about how I don’t make enough money last weekend while we drove around looking for another car because the newest one we had went to shit and was going to cost more than 75% of its’ value to fix.  Last time we needed a car and tried to borrow money, the banks wouldn’t even lend us $2K, those fuckers.  We were deeper in debt back then, and we’ve been working our asses off to keep paying it down.  A small miracle occurred and a friend gave us the one that just fell apart. But I still hate being told I “just” need to find a better job that pays double-or-more than what I currently earn.  If it’s not from outsiders, which is bad enough, it’s from Mrs. M, which is more than two times worse.

I confess, despite my stress and rage at the work-as-hard-as-you-can-to-keep-up-but-still-shit-falls-apart-then-you-go-broke-and-people-steal-what-little-you-have-left world I live in, that somehow another fucking miracle occurred and we got a newer car fairly cheaply.  So say a prayer it holds together longer than it takes to pay THIS one off.  Because a bank lent us the money for this one.  I could use a financial miracle right about now to pay off these miracles that keep costing me money.  I’d love, for the next 40 years of my life, if I live that long, to have enough to not worry about money any more, since I feel like the last 30 have been debt-ridden.  Debt sucks ass.

Speaking of which, it’s about time for one or two of our creditors to start calling every fucking day while I’m at work to remind me they want their money and they’d damned well like it before the due date.  Ass holes.  They can fucking wait.  I hate that shit, and I’d like to have enough to tell people what they can do with their shitty treatment of other people, starting with me.  See, if you have enough money, people LOVE to practically just fucking GIVE you money to spend or invest or whatever.  But if you don’t have money, people make you pay more to borrow what you need to survive.  The interest on the damned house is more than the principle we’re trying to pay down.  We couldn’t afford an extended warranty on the car, but the salesman kept pushing that shit and wanting to add an extra $90 a month on the car payment in exchange for security.  It’s already more than we have the budget for.  I wonder what they’d do if I picked up when they rang and told them, point blank, “Thank you for the reminder.  We’ll make the payment on time just like every other month, and not early.  Now fuck off until next month.”  Instead I’ll sit at work trying to earn enough to afford those payments and not answer the damned home phone.

During the health scares, I lost track of a few things I actually like, like blogging and reading other blogs, so for that first thing, again, you’re welcome, and for the second, I’m sorry and I’ll try to catch up with everyone.

To add insult to injury, and cap off my personal hell week, this morning there was a damned ice storm.  I was scared shitless driving to church this morning, praying we wouldn’t slide off, or slide over, get in a wreck and trash another car and toss ourselves off another financial cliff onto the rocks below.  I hope to God the next 7 days are a HELL of a lot less HELL than the previous 7 were.

And although I suspect everyone ELSE’S week held its’ share of hell for all, I hope you’ve endured well enough to tell the universe fucker, who was way too busy in my life and I’m sure in yours, to fuck off.  Flip that ass hole a big fat bird for me.  I also hope to God the next 4,000 weeks are prosperous enough to more than make up for the drought.