Fluctus Contritum

Holy Shit, Fluctus Contritum!  It’s Latin for “broken waves.”  That’s right, the stars have aligned, the planets have collided, and so far, it’s been a really good day.  Don’t translate that for the irregulars, please, but I know the two of you that understand.  It does happen occasionally, just not as frequently as I’d like, but today, after a night and early morning of insomnia (that’s Latin for “insomnia…”  no, seriously! and you thought you didn’t know any Latin!), I’ll just discreetly say things happened.  Not everything I usually bitch about, but significantly different and because I don’t want to use the word “great,” for some reason, I’ll say, “amazing.”

So for today the downward wave was broken by insomnia and good things, so thank you to everyone who prays for either stability or better for me.  I believe prayer helps, if you don’t, I’m sorry and I’ll pray for you some more.  If you do believe prayer helps, pray I can get some cash soon, and I mean “enough.”  We still need an influx that doesn’t hurt us by costing us more for benefits we lose because the government thinks we have a tiny bit too much, or an influx that’s big enough to compensate for the loss and go beyond that to actually help.  When you’re on government aid of any kind, you learn fast there are limits – if you earn $1 too much, the government cuts off your benefits at the knees, and leaves you scrambling to pay for whatever they thought you were poor enough $1 ago to help you with.  What they should do is figure out how much that benefit costs and raise the limit of their help to continue helping you until you can afford the actual cost of that benefit.  What they actually do if you try to hold down a job and become successful, is leave you stranded worse off than you were when your crap job, or your unemployed status, put you in need of their help.  I said all that without triggering myself, I think.

The other good thing is the cramps in my legs, randomly chosen from anything from gluteus medius down to soleus (that’s a little more Latin for a pain in the ass, that might extend from the outside of the hip to the outside of the rear calf) that have plagued me for a few weeks, especially on the right side, every morning, until I stretched them out and walked them off, are finally calming down.  Rating the leg pain from a zero to an I can’t fucking walk (we’ll call that a 10), I’ve decreased from a stylish set of brass-ornamented cast iron designer leg cramps that I’d rate at a 7 or 8, down to a shiny varnished, wooden legged 3 or 4.

Today I’m doing housework, packing, making a run out to the post office, and then I think tomorrow the family is going on a trip somewhere, to some frugal, secret, undisclosed locations, and I get to come along.  School starts in two weeks for the kids.   I’m aware of  mild depressive events that are preceding what has in the past been a 3 month depression cycle, like foreshocks before bigger earthquakes.

But so far, today is a good day.


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