Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah.

I just read through a legal disclaimer about WordPress and cookies, but only partly, because honestly I was sick of words, WordPress, and cookies, before I finished reading.  On the plus side, only one thing:  At least they’re honest (I think) about themselves.  And by “themselves,” I mean WordPress.  They’re trying to be honest.  Unlike fakebook, which I suspected a long time ago of being a not-subtle-enough way of monitoring the population and training the masses how to think about what they want you to think about.  So search all you want for a fakebook account for Deon Mumple, but if you find one, it’s been faked unless some other “poor unfortunate soul” (Thank you, Ursula, you gorgeous hunk of tentacled villany, you!) was named Deon Mumple by their parents or guardians.  Not very bloody likely.  I surprised myself one day and started a twitter account, but I am not a very big twit… ter-er.  Well, I am a big twit, but I’m not on twitter enough to influence.

I think I’m fortunate, in terms of self-awareness, in that I grew up in the era before everyone started telling everyone how to think and what to think about.  I have opinions, and I think they’re thoughtful opinions.  But others have opinions, and they seem to need me to either agree with them, or shut the fuck up.  Among the unpopular opinions that I host in my tiny, closed-minded mind, is that one should think it through and not just agree for the sake of agreement- Because what if the person who wants your agreement is wrong?  I hate the modern-day approach to “the news.”  The not-so-subtle opinions of the talking heads is blatantly obvious to me, so why the fuck can’t other people see that “fair and balanced journalism” is none of the three?    I know the answer: Because the viewers are empty-headed fucking idiots who think they  need to be told what to believe, instead of figuring it out for themselves, who take comfort in the mass safety of the not-so-subtle opinions expressed by others.

Fakebook isn’t appealing to me, not just because of the arguments and bashers and real people fakebooking, fake working hard at trying to look better than they are, some even fake hooking up.  I hear the news media reporting about targeted advertisements on Fakebook, and I believe that.  A friend who is on Fakebook still, bless his heart, told me he went to shop online for shoes, and for a week following, he saw boots and shoes in the Fakebook ads, and he had already bought himself a pair somewhere cheaper.  So, did the ads influence him?  Maybe, but he still went to the closest, cheapest shoe place he knew- ok, his WIFE told him where to go, and told him which shoes SHE wanted him to buy.  So, advertisers, please don’t read the next sentence- It would seem if you want to influence married men, win the hearts of their spouses.  I also hear there are fake profiles on fakebook- can you imagine?!

The news isn’t appealing to me, in part because people are being told how to think and what to think about, but because there’s a not-so-subtle ripple of divisiveness in it.  We’re told to love each other and accept each other, to not say anything about the socially popular opinions of the media even if you disagree and have logical reasons to disagree, and we’re told to let certain people say whatever subtly hateful bullshit they want, because they’re venting from a historical bias.

Oh, see, I was on about cookies, and I’ve gone off the path to a rabbit trail.  Sorry, that’s one of the reasons people shouldn’t bother to read my blog, and another is that sometimes I’ll rant and vent until you’re as sick of words about whatever I’m using too many words to talk about as I was about the explanations of cookies earlier.  The thing I read about cookies wasn’t really paginated, but if it was, it would have taken probably 5 or 6 pages, all legal disclaimers explaining why cookies are supposed to be acceptable.  What if we could all just think for ourselves and go to whatever websites we wanted to go to?  What if search engines didn’t prioritize the ones that paid more to be pushed to the top of the lists, and instead showed us whatever we asked them to show us?  What if the news just reported the news without telling us what we should think about the news?  What if the news didn’t report about celebrity nonsense?  What if the news media didn’t ever report about racist rallies, or political bullshit?  What if they filled the news with either actual NEWS (!) and about heroes and ordinary people doing good things, instead of trying to get us to be afraid by reporting about crimes and hatred and any of a variety of evils?  What if the news was filled with actual hope instead of leaving me traumatized and ready to give up on civilization and wanting to be a hermit in my bunker?

The bunker was BUILT because I was sick of everything about everything.  If I didn’t want to escape from the bullshit and hatred and evil, I wouldn’t need the bunker.  I need the bunker because of the news, and because my wife needs a current traffic report and a weather forecast, and so she turns on the news.  In between the traffic and weather, which she actually needs, there are all the other reports of people doing shitty things to other people, which she doesn’t need.  How much arsenic can you stomach with your sugar?  That sums it up- the “news” is toxic, but it’s sprinkled with just enough of what my wife needs that I’m forced to watch it.

Will the cookies teach the advertisers how to get a few more of the dollars I don’t have because my bills are a higher priority and I have to settle for cheaper?  Not bloody likely.  If I don’t have more money, you can’t get more money.  And if I have less money because the price of gas went up again, you can’t get even LESS of my “more” money.  Will the cookies PLEASE teach people a little basic economics, and make the politicians STOP fucking bragging about, and promising to, raise the fucking minimum wage OVER MY CURRENT WAGE after I have worked for years to get here, because then the new poverty level is going to be whatever “more” money I am getting paid, after the economy adjusts prices of EVERYTHING higher, to meet the new level?  Someone please share with a politician who thinks the minimum wage needs to be raised, that if they do that, it encourages me to go on welfare, to just give up, and takes away 20 years of my working to get my income where it is?

Will the cookies teach the media why I hate them, and encourage them to stop?  Damn, I certainly hope so, but I’m not holding my breath.  Or will the cookies just do more social engineering and teach more people to hate me because I can still think for myself?  I may be safer if I just stay the fuck away from that twitter account a little more.  Thank God no one on WordPress can troll me or send me ads if I don’t write anything for months at a time.  Can the advertisers troll me for not giving them a free platform for their advertisements, and bully me back to writing more regularly?

Will the cookies teach the advertisers to please stop telling me I’m an incompetent idiot?  If my wife keeps telling me, isn’t THAT enough?  I mean, can I at least get the advertisers to shut the fuck up?  I don’t have enough money to buy your product, so stop telling me I’m stupid if I don’t buy it.  If I don’t want to subscribe to the pushy, not-so-subtle self-hatred being pushed toward me, how do I get them to stop pushing that, as the socially popular way of thinking?

Fuck!  How big of a shovel do I need to keep the bullshit away?  Oh, shit, the fertilizer companies AND the hardware stores will probably start advertising on my blog and sending me emails now.  Sorry, readers!  (All three of you).  Sorry!