OK so I read this article about a person who went for 200 whole days “without buying anything new*) (*except groceries, toilet paper, car parts, medical necessities, and a fucking pair of hiking boots) What the fuck does that leave behind?  Clothes, linens, um, shoes, tools, gifts for people, furniture, cars, …  “Well la-di-freakin-dah!” Aren’t YOU fucking special?

Um, no.  And, FUCK YOU.

I don’t shop.  Because I can’t.  There’s no budget for it.  I put on my 10 year old jeans today, and my year old shoes, and my 3 or four year old socks, and my 10 year old shirt, and drove to work in my 10 year old car, which is almost out of gas, but thank God I made it to Friday.  My car, btw, “needs” $700 of repair work done on it, after we put the other $700 in it to get it back on the road.  And new tires.  We scrimp already.  We save as much as we can, and we live in a modest home we can afford.  When big things fall apart, like cars and water heaters and sinks, we have to get even tighter.  I’m waiting for the other $700 to become necessary, which the mechanic says is inevitable.  We even try to grow some of our own produce, not easy in a tiny yard in a neighborhood with rules against that shit.

I don’t shop, not because I want to experiment, but because I AM the fucking experiment.  I CAN’T.  And we still make gifts by hand for friends and family, because going out and buying isn’t always an option.  We date, maybe once a quarter.  Maybe.  I’d love to go out once every two weeks, or at least once a month.  But we can’t.  I’d love to have pets, like a cat and a medium sized dog, but we can’t afford them, their food, and veterinary bills.  Both of the kids’ little $8 rodents died last year and we didn’t replace them.  They ate a lot of vegetables and kibble.

I buy a new pair of shoes about every year, and try to stretch that to two if they’re sturdy, because they wear out.  That’s what happens when a person works.  I’ve carefully kept my old clothes, and gone to resale stores when I can, for years.  I even found a pair of hiking boots at the resale store, and they’re fine.  A little dog-chewed, but fine.

This whole thing reminds me of the people in the New Testament who were considered “important” “respected” members of the Jewish culture who would parade with loud noises and fucking TRUMPETS into the temple to make their huge offerings.  Jesus said, (I paraphrase) “don’t pay attention to those ass holes.  Fuck them.  They love attention and they’re getting it, and that’s their only reward.  They give out of their excess, they don’t need what they’re giving.  Look over here at Mrs. Widow.  She has earned two coins to live off of them, and she’s giving them to sustain the temple, as an act of worship, as a demonstration of trusting in God, really quietly.  She gets a blessing from God’s hand.” (see Mark 12, or Luke 21)

God, if I have a “widow’s mite,” it’s all Yours.  Because I need the blessing.  On second thought, give my blessing to Mrs. M.  Because she should have it, not me.  I’m just a fuck up, and if I have anything nice it’s her and the kids, and I want them to be taken care of better than I’m able to provide.  I guess, since it’s not in the budget, I’ll have to trust You to take care of me, which was that widow’s lesson anyway.  It’s not about me, or us, or Ms Moneybags.  It’s not about the tiny offering, or the big one, it’s about You taking care of us.

Oh, and Moneybags McTightwad, you didn’t go to a store to buy new stuff for a whole 200 days, so sure, be proud of that achievement.  It IS better to recycle, and be green.  It’s fine to get stuff from the Goodwill.  I’ve been doing that for a whole 10 years, out of necessity, and when I was a kid I learned how to do it from my parents who did it out of necessity.  Did you give the savings to charity, or pad your accounts?  If I had savings instead of bills that’d be nice.  Did you get attention for your achievement?  That’s nice.  Good job.  Now fuck off, that’s all you’re getting from me today too.


  1. Your car is ONLY ten years old? Duuude, you be living large. I drive a 1988!

    I’m rather sick of hearing sob stories about people who can’t afford the latest iphone when some of us are busting our butts making the best of what we can afford that is necessary, not “fun”. It may make me a grinch but oh well.

    200 days without buying anything new…I can top that easily. Aside from my kid, unless it’s a gift, I never buy anything new. Amateur poor people are the new hipsters.

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    1. I come from a long line of grinches. I haven’t heard grinchiness from my son yet, the magic still resides in his hopeful heart, bless him, so. Maybe … I used to be hopeful, until the real-life experiences started piling up on mine. Had a good morning today, that counts.


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