Masks (Halloween Fiction) Part II

It all worked according to plan. In fact, the killer fell backward into the house on hearing the word “Ex-Ter-Min-Ate!” I had recorded it and amplified it just enough to surprise him and catch him off guard. The electrical shock had worked perfectly, rendering him unconscious but not dead, and didn’t leave any marks on the skin. In his slack-jawed mouth, I tucked the candy bar, coated with the contact poison, with a careful gloved hand. I shut off the porch light, locked the door and closed it behind me.  The porch light is the sign for neighborhood kids, letting them know there’s candy waiting to be had at the house.  There would be no more candy from that house this year.  There would be no more toxic seepage into the world from this bad apple.

The remains of the costume were destroyed in a very quick, but relaxing campfire in the woods, the s’mores were delicious and no one came by to share.  The remains of the murderer remain undiscovered behind his front door. I dismantled and disposed of the electrical device and trash day followed, each piece to a different dump thanks to several providers working the same neighborhoods.  And Édon Pleumm returned to his lovely wife and his normal life, treasuring the average, ordinary routines.

I’m glad another problem has been dealt with. I find myself satisfied, my soul at peace. I know there are other problems in the world, problems I can solve assuming no one beats me to them.  But am I excited about the next solution? Not really. There’s nothing good about my side projects except when they’re over.  I confess I’m a bit sad for his family, sad because of his loss, sadder still for them that his past, dark activities may be discovered.  That will be awkward for them.  If the investigation proceeds to former addresses and aliases they may eventually find all his closeted, very literal skeletons.

I’ll just wait until the next problem captures my attention, and I hope it takes a long time.  Just maybe, I’ve made things a little bit better because I cared enough to do something.  No more children will be kidnapped and abused by THIS one.  The parents of the child will have closure, assuming an autopsy is performed and shows the toxin.    And just maybe, the world is a little more balanced.  It was a very happy Halloween.

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