Phantom Fray

Phantom Fray

They burst through the door, unbidden, unseen,
With snarling rage, impossibly mean
Trust me:  I didn’t sign  myself up for this.
No one saw them except for me,
The door looked untouched, the lock and key
But I swear I heard them quite audibly hiss.

What I did ask for was a lasting peace,
Like Gideon, hanging out a fleece;
A little reassurance would be nice.
What I got instead were unanswered needs,
And deep cuts causing painful bleeds;
Without guidance, my soul pays the price.

I know what I want; it’s hard to catch:
Freedom, hope, like birds, they’re hard to hatch,
And when the work is done, a bit more steam.
“Do what you love and you’ll be fine.”
If only I could make that truth mine,
But what I love’s elusive, like a dream.

A little rest after a task,
Doesn’t seem like that much to ask,
But they’re all lined up to take a piece of me
No one can see my wounded soul,
Nor burdens borne, invisible,
While blind people all doubt my misery.

I wish they could see and comprehend,
But no, imagine the horror to mend
If they could see the eyes, the fangs, the spit.
The blind can’t even see the door
The demons smash through, my soul’s core,
Stealing a little life with every visit


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