Belleza, Peligrosa

Belleza, Peligrosa, 07/30/2016, Deon Mumple

I love the way her mind works, in a way quite different from me
Behind those perfect eyes, genius
I know she’s right, most of the time; it drives me a little crazy
As if smart weren’t enough, there’s more pluses,

The subtle and not so subtle curves of her dress
Hint at beauty that partly  escapes
From her fingers, elbows, and hair, “it’s a mess,”
And the gentle smile on her face.

She says it out of habit, her self deprecating style
But I see it from head to feet:
She says she’s just average, flashing a devastating smile
With a musical laugh, to an easy beat.

The sway in her walk is deliberate, helplessly I stare,
Despite knowing she does it because she can
Half-consciously teasing my eyes with the curls in her hair
I’m hypnotized, and she laughs at her man.

She’s a dangerous, too-sharpened sword in a sheath,
Tantalized, I want to draw her out,
I’m just dreaming of seeing what hides underneath,
Defenseless, she could cut my heart out.

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