Passive Vindictive

Passive Vindictive, 4/25/2016, Deon Mumple

He contemplated killing the dog that shat
In the yard he had to mow,
With some cocoa powder or some chocolate
But he knew he couldn’t. No.

It was not the dog which was culpable
For the droppings in the yard
It was the owner, dishonorable,
So he couldn’t be thusly hard.

He contemplated killing the one who let
Their dumb dog shit in his yard,
Rejecting that idea just as the pet,
Jail would not be in his cards,

Not to mention how to prove just who it was,
As he didn’t stay all the time
Without the funds for surveillance cameras,
Or the fire to commit the crime.

But he smiled while removing shit from his shoes
As he thought of all of this,
Imagining which fantasy he might choose-
He had quite an amusing list.

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