Blogging Challenges: I Want to Join the Party

I watched as NaPoWriMo came and went, and enjoyed some poetry.  And tolerated some, hey we all try and some people like our stuff and some people don’t and that’s why we’re all here, just to see if we can write something that people think is good.  I say, keep trying and if anyone criticizes what you do without offering constructive tips (and without bragging about how good their own shit is, please I don’t want to hear about yours because I need help with mine!), tell them to shut the fuck up.  I’m going to read and enjoy, or read and dislike, but I’m keeping my mouth shut unless I really like something.  And that’s if I notice it because these emails come pretty fast, and I’m a baby blogger.

I probably can’t write a poem every day, especially not a good one.  But I really like reading poetry, even if I judge it not to my taste.  I really like writing poetry too and I’d like a writing suggestion.  I know F is for Free Verse and H is for Haiku, S for Sonnet, etc.  I would like someone to list poetry forms in alphabetical order, from A to Z, with at least one poetry form for each letter.  I found a great poetry website that has almost reached that goal, skipping J and K, U, W, X, Y and Z.  Sadly, although the website offers 55 perfectly good poetry forms, they are missing letters from my OCD sequential NEED for complete completion.

I don’t even think I can write a good blog every day, much less a poem.  But I’ll try,  skip a day now and then.  I’ll write something if I can get inspired or have a whim.

I watched as the Alphabet challenge came and went, and didn’t even have a clue where to start or end, so I didn’t do that one either.  Are there blogging challenges for every month?  Where would I go to find those?

Please comment with suggestions.

And now the random oddity of the day (hey there’s an idea for a blogging challenge!) :  Ever heard of earworm?  For some reason “The [fucking] CHICKEN DANCE” is in my head and I can’t get it out.

19 thoughts on “Blogging Challenges: I Want to Join the Party

  1. Now it’s in my head. Earworms are contagious dude.
    I have similar goals and issues. It’s an intense feeling writing every day, especially for the first time. It took me some time but after a few days writing at least 1000 words I was able to start feeling the urge to write every day.

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    1. finally got my “like” button to work. sorry! I’m awful. I need to work on my novel this weekend and Mrs M wants to travel for hours to see her folks. Happy Father’s Day to me. Oh well.


  2. Reblogged this on XQUIZIT and commented:
    Write only what you feel. F**k format. Anyone can rhyme in pentameter. Write with your heart, with your breath. Hear music in your head. Just what I do. I delete all my works which qualify as sucky. c

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  3. I love doing challenges and can pretty much find something to do every month, if I set my mind to it that is… lol. Right now, if you are into writing short fiction, there is the StoryADay in May going on. You can find it here: April is always the big month with NaPoWriMo, Poetic Asides PAD Challenge, and of course, the A-to-Z Challenge. I did the PAD and A-to-Z this year. Figment ( did a writing challenge last June… not sure if they will this year or not. You have to sign up for their site and post there, but you can also post on your own blog. I wanted to do it last year, but was ill most of June. RanGen ( hosts writing challenges all year long. I’ve never tried them, but I’ve heard good things. They have random generators that give you a prompt that you use to write your work. Sounds interesting! I may try them soon. This looks like a fun prompting for July (or any month with 31 days), it was for last July, but if you didn’t participate last year… then it is new to you! I will keep looking for great prompt and challenge sites and maybe do a blog post on it… but those should give you a few places to start. Good luck!

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  4. Knowlegable, Universal, Wealthy, X-Ray,Your Eyes Only, Zero impact. LOL! A ‘whim is an interesting choice of words because by definition a whim can’t rest upon a validated premice. I’m not just going by your monicre, you sound female… Anyway, you make me laugh!

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    1. interesting words. I’m looking for poetry forms, and I’m excited to say I found this site I’m going to explore. However, I’m going to give your list of words a go. Coming soon to a poem near you… Sorry for the lag, I’ve been rather self-centered and depressed for a long time, but weekends almost always lighten me up at least a little. Except for the scheduled travel this weekend, I’ll see if I can block off some time for me and writing.


  5. Great post. I so feel you with this. I can’t explain to you how much challenges I sign up for then feel utterly disappointed when I miss a day or *grasp* never complete. But i have learnt to just cut my self some slack. I pretty new as well in this writing, posting sharing scary as f blogging life so although I will still sign up knowing I will probably not keep up on the days I am inspired to write. I just write challenge or not.

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  6. I unofficially did the A to Z Challenge, because as usual I was too late to sign up. So I just did it on my own. It was good learning experience, turns out I can write a bunch of stuff about the most random things. I sense there are a bunch of other challenges out there, like Sitting with Coffee or something like that, then there is Wordless Wednesday and whole bunch of other things that no one is telling us about.

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  7. I can’t remember which famous American poet was known for writing a poem a day, but the story goes that someone asked him how he did it. “Lower your standards,” he said. Of course, having written them, I’m sure he combed through them, discarding some and working on the ones that had some promise. But the drive to do that freed something in him, as I understand it, giving him access to the good poems he might not have written otherwise.

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  8. I never really liked anything that feels like it is forcing the writing. The monthly novel writing one the poetry one.
    But I think some people like it but I never understand why. So I am asking, Why do you like it, do it, want others to do it with you?

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    1. Sometimes in the middle of average writing, something good comes out. My writing teacher in high school a long time ago said to write every day, even if it’s crap. And if you get a good idea, run with that. If you get writers block in that project, write something else. But write. I think she was on to something. I mean, have you read James Fenimore Cooper or Nathaniel Hawthorne or Ayn Rand? Zzzzzzzzzz, but when you digest the book down to the story inside, I like Hawthorne’s Scarlet Letter.

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  9. Good questions Jin… I like the challenges because I will fuck-off procrastinate for eternity if I didn’t have something to ground me and keep my attention… that’s all the challenges really do for me… keep my attention. I really don’t care if others do them or not, but I’ve found some great writers via those challenges.

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