It Still Matters

Despite my belief that the end is near, I also believe our choices still matter. Some would say, “If it’s all going to be over soon, who cares what we do? Let the good times roll! Let’s run the clock out, and have as much pleasure as we can.”

Well, I’m sorry to be the bearer of the following truth: There is a God, none of us are Him, and He sets the “best standards” for human behavior, without so much as a consultation with a single one of us. (I know! How inconsiderate, right?)

He also sets the standards for what happens after the clock runs out. Your choices matter, until then. Choose well. Search for the Truth. You may hate knowing I’m right; you may want to scream at me to shut up, but the Truth is still there even if I’m not.

Find the Truth.

6 thoughts on “It Still Matters

      1. It’s a hidden, secret bunker. I can’t tell you where it is, because then EVERYONE would know where to find me. I’ll offer a tip: it’s where I hide when I need bourbon & solitude, and where my purple dragon, Buttercup, (allegedly) hides treasures, bodies, and evidence. So now you can find it. Come on over any time.

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