Santafacation Still Incomplete

So, not only have I lost twenty pounds on this medication,so I’m south of 225 lbs, on just

avatar 2

over 6’1″ but also, the beard and moustache hair still doesn’t match the head hair.  I’ve redone my avatar and I may hook it up, but it’s only until Mrs M decides she can’t stand the fuller beard and either cuts it back or makes me cut it back.  The avatar isn’t very adaptable so this beard shape is the closest thing to it.  My face is much more angular; this makes me look fat.  And all Mrs M Anyway, here’s my adorable face in avatar form, submitted for your adoration or scorn.

As you can clearly see, I look exactly like Harry Potter pretending to be Santa Claus…  Nah, I won’t be changing to this avatar.  I may shave, except then I’d look like Harry Potter BEING Harry Potter.  Only, taller.  And older.

IDK whether to say FML or LOL.

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