Merry Christmas

We did the normal In-Law Christmas thing.  But I have to work day after, so back home I go.  That is the only part of Christmas that sucked this year.  Those of you who know me know that might be a double entendre half joke about a present I didn’t get this year.

There were presents and family gatherings and now I drive home alone while the rest of the family finishes whatever festivities they finish.  It wasn’t a terrible Christmas, although it still felt a little like socks and underwear.  There was clothing, including (damn it!) a PAIR OF PANTS.  I swear I am not making that up.  And there are times when I wish God did NOT read this blog, especially when the joke is on me.  I admit, it’s kind of funny.  At least there wasn’t underwear or socks.

I hope you didn’t have to work on Christmas, and I hope your Christmas didn’t suck.  And even though I have to work tomorrow, at least I got off on Christmas day.  Which might be another double entendre half-joke about a present I might have gotten this year.

Whether your Christmas sucked or not, whether you got what you wanted or needed, I hope your New Year is full of blessings and bloggings and friends when you want them and solitude when you need it.  I stole 5 minutes of solitude to write this because I needed it.  And now, to pack and go back home.



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