La Belleza della Anima

La Belleza della Anima

(scritto dal Deon Mumple, 11/20/2017)

Celebro la bellezza
della anima
creata con attenzione,
come la poesia vivente.

Glialcoolici schiacciati
mostrano lemaggiori
scintille, affascinano,
con l’abbaglio,
losplendore dell’ipnotico.

Intrappolato, non posso sfuggire a,
attirato inesorabilmente
della anima.

Il momento arriva
e rend contoere
che il cuore
è stato modellato
dalle cicatrici.

Vedo la bellezza interna
riflessa esternamente.

Siete bella, levostre manifestazioni
di bellezza dalvostro corpo
di alvostro di spirito

non voglio smettere
mai di ammirare
ogni parte voi

5 thoughts on “La Belleza della Anima

  1. Thank the sacred pegacorn for Google translate or I’d have truly clicked unsubscribe. I can’t be reading foreign languages and feeling even dumber than i already do 😛


    1. My kids laugh at me every time I use Google, and they eyeroll when I look up whatever on Google-translate. It serves an adequate purpose though. If I ever say something that makes you want to unsubscribe, please let me apologize with ardent tears first. The intended verse:

      I celebrate the beauty of the soul
      Crafted with care, like a living poem
      The more battered the soul, the more scintillating,
      Fascinating, with a blinding, hypnotic splendor

      I’m trapped; I can’t escape
      Lured inexorably
      By the beauty of the soul

      The moment comes, and I realize
      The heart is shaped by the scars

      I see your inner beauty
      Reflected outwardly.
      You are beautiful,
      Your beauty revealed
      Through your body
      From your Spirit

      And I don’t want to ever stop
      Every part you

      ❤ 🙂 ❤ 🙂 ❤

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      1. I reiterate…only Google translate allowed my tiny glass ego not to shatter, convinced of my own idiocy…I knew you meant something beautiful but damn that Elvis Prelsey Suspicious Mind my mom burned into my brain when I was 7!

        Liked by 1 person

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