Somewhere in the Middle of Time

Somewhere in the Middle of Time,
Deon Mumple, 7/14/2017

Once I was young and had not lost all innocence,
Saving for mischief without harmful intent
Now I still think youthfully sometimes
Not as often, not nearly innocent

The new-borne struggles to stand and walk force a pause
Stiffness searches backward for ancient agilities, lost
Time-drained life-slurry seeps, slow and viscous
All day, clouded or sunlit, a darkness palls

Despite hammer-blows of  time, those promises, those lies,
I still sometimes see the world through child-like eyes,
Hope’s glimmers, with softened, salted tears, as my
Heart hardens, corneas cloud, dreams die

Praying, waiting longer between for those blessed moments of clarity
To arrive- I expect shocks- but sometimes they come, oh so softly
Like a breeze you can’t feel, gentle after a storms’ ferocity
Wisdom already knows my dreams were all folly

Still I remember the innocent, liberated thrill of the pursuit,
All the while never knowing just how to harvest that fruit
Legs don’t want to climb, anyway, now, the point is moot,
Can’t reach, why try? Wither fast to bittering roots.


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