Sunday Night

It’s Sunday night, after a brilliant weekend.  I …no, no sarcasm.  I was fucking awesome this weekend.  Friday and Saturday mornings were rough as I was having a difficult time with my back, but it feels fine for now.

I went around shopping with my wife Saturday morning and we had a nice walk, after a lovely morning that included great coffee.  She didn’t start offering criticism and grief until Sunday night.  Maybe the way I grimaced and hurt when I tried to walk helped her have a little sympathy.  And also, maybe it was this:

I shampooed the carpets in my house.  They already have mud on them.  Well the one in the living room does anyway.  But the stairs and the kids’ rooms look great.  I even christened the floor by the exit door (in the same living room) with coffee this morning on my way to church, yay!  I think after the walk outdoors we may have had a little mud on our shoes  after the huge storm Friday evening.

But fuck you, universe fucker, it still counts.  The fact is I DID it.

I also washed dishes.  The sink is full again, but that’s only because my kids and wife and I like to eat and there was food on the table.  The fact is, I DID it.  And my son had a great time at summer camp.

I mowed a complete stranger’s grass this weekend, because I noticed the moving van last week and figured he was exhausted and found out he didn’t have his mower (yet?) so I offered.  He thought I was crazy, or joking, but afterward we had a lovely chat and I got to meet his family,   Did I mention the lawns in our neighborhood are tiny?  Ha, ha, take THAT, universe fucker, I DID IT.  He’s not a complete stranger now.  And tomorrow, I have to mow my  own grass.

It’s 12:21 am in my local area and I have to be at work tomorrow at 8:30 sharp, and I’m not tired.  So I am going to wash the damned dishes just to screw with the universe fucker a little.  Because, why not?

I borrowed the rug shampooer so I’m not paying a daily fee, so if I have the energy tomorrow, I’ll do the damned living room again.  It did a great job, and the extra capful of color-safe bleach didn’t hurt.  I do need to return it before I injure myself from all this work, though.

I love bleach.

My power cord came unplugged from my laptop un-announced again, so it’s just now charged.  So not only did I get a lot of work done around the house, I got to regale both of my readers with the tales of woe and half-faked mania.  I have to push myself to get as much done as possible before all my motivation goes to shit.  If it’s on schedule…fuck, I don’t want to think about it.  I also started a new bottle of whiskey, which, while I can’t medically prove anything, I think, made great oil for my rusty spine on Friday night and Saturday.  I confess I had enough to feel something like merry, and not just once, either.  But I didn’t have any today, and today I did a bunch of the above, probably almost half of what all I got done.

I hit a few triggers today, with the dog yapping and growling inappropriately, with the kitchen cabinets trying to spill all the shit stored in there all over in crazy disarray, when I (obsessively?) wanted it orderly and to just fucking stay where I had it positioned.  Fuck you, gravity, and the universe fucker with you!  And with realizing the carpet was re-mudded, and with sloshing coffee on it, and realizing the sink was full again, and with realizing my computer is still doing the lame-ass random text grab-and-delete bullshit, and dropping the power cord out without an alert, and with Mrs M’s “encouraging” pushy-ness, late-breaking criticisms, and not exactly the kind of stress-relief I was hoping for.  At least she bought the fucking whiskey.  Thank God this was a paycheck week.

And speaking of thanking God, they didn’t do the stupid song at church, so I don’t have to quit, yet.  Hopefully they’re thinking about if my email had a valid point, even though I got a pastoronizing response from one of the pastors. There can be no written admission that I was right, they have to defend and support themselves, I get that.

I read several brilliant blogs this weekend too, while I was supposed to be doing more house work, and also going on the work computer to try to accomplish miracles there.   I didn’t do shit for the office while I was here at home. So, it was a pretty nice weekend even if my grass isn’t mowed yet, the carpets need re-shampooing, and the housework isn’t re-done-done.  I enjoyed the moments (pre-critic) with Mrs M, and the sense of accomplishment at what got done, and the bubbly one-sided conversation with our son, and offering encouragement to our daughter, and even walking the dog.  Tomorrow I get to start all over again.

I have a sink full of dishes to wash, and then maybe I can sleep some before I have to work.  We’ll see.

Keep writing. I think it motivates me to keep on trying.

~DM (gives Demented Maniac a whole different meaning, doesn’t it?)


2 thoughts on “Sunday Night

  1. The universe fucker visited me as I was reading this post and kept having to get closer to the screen because it was too dim. That was when I read about your computer coming unplugged and realized, mine was dim cos it had come unplugged and gone to battery.

    Odd how things work.

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  2. Hey, I managed to redo the mudded sections of the downstairs carpet, and returned the thing to its’ rightful owners. And although young Mr. M is the only one who said anything, I’m pleased with the result and my back did not go out on me!

    If I ever win the lottery, I have to get one of those for the bunker! Think of the beer spills and crushed snack foods! And pick out carpeting and a fireplace. We should move somewhere and I’m wondering what state costs less to live in, because millionaire or not, I have to be frugal? (tightwad habits die hard) Maybe someplace more southerly… MO? KY? Hmmmm.


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