I met a girl with dreams in her eyes, sparkling like fiery stars above,
I met a girl with an imperfect past, how could I not fall in love?
We finally learned to trust enough I shared my dreams and desires,
I wanted her like a hanged man’s breath, like a shivering man wants fire.

And I wanted to be the dream-come-true she believed

When love is untested it always feels so strong,
When you really love each other, you can do no wrong,
When you’re trying hard to try hard, her eyes promise…
But you can’t relax, and every day does not end in a perfect kiss.

I only wish I could be enough, being the real me

We tried for a while to keep it right, but opposites sometimes attack,
Love’s train derails in mud and betrayals, we can’t take it all back,
She asked me why we’re separated by a widening undertow
I could only say “it’s complicated,” but we both know

There’s days it’s easy and days it’s hard, but as soon as love’s conditional
More days are hard than in the glow, the euphoria, of the original
Despite the test, and the conscious knowledge of mutual denial
If we could be honest, trust, and rest, we might survive this fiery trial

Time won’t wait, when love feels like hate, to me

When love is tested and we fail, the chance to trust is gone,
Though you want to love each other, something just feels wrong,
When you’re trying hard but know her promise was a lie
And you still wish she still loved you, and you want to die.

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