The Thrill of New Things

In our previous episode, dear readers, we learned Deon stresses out when things fall apart and he really likes new things.  Today, let’s explore that excitement of the new.

It’s a new year.  There’s always excitement about the New Year.  Auld Lang Syne.  Mrs M likes the concerts and the fireworks and various parades at holidays, so she had on the television until she went to sleep, later than her normal time of too-early-t0-de-stress-Deon-o’clock.  The idiot commentators in The Land of the Free and the home of the stupid did a “man on the street” poll asking if anyone knew about the song and why we sing it for the new year, and they went on to advocate for a new New Year’s song.  Because no one (that they showed, anyway) knew shit about the song.  They’ve collectively FORGOTTEN, which,  all of those idiot commentators and common people, is what the song is about.  At the risk of polling and revealing any reader stupidity, I could ask you if you knew why we say “o’clock.”  But please, don’t answer that, even if you know.

That song is a song of drinking in remembrance.  Wait, that sounds like something they do in church, doesn’t it?  YES.  There are times when we drink because we want to forget (the bad things), to relax, to de-stress in lieu of other, um, activities, but there are also times we should drink to remember.  We drink a toast to a friend.  We drink to celebrate good times with people.  We drink to remember and honor the lives and sacrifices of others.  We should remember old times.  You kids spend so much time on your electronic toys and games you may be barely conscious of anything outside of work and your house.  You say you have “friends,” but I might have two or three.  Left.  I drank in memory of Ulla, a dear friend and mental health blogger I never got the pleasure to meet.  Who can afford tickets to South Africa?   I drank to remember my dear aunt and a cousin who went to their eternities also.  There has been just a little too much loss this year in my own family.  I drank to celebrate our memories and to grieve just a little.

I drank to toast a few friends I have met since starting this blog.  Just a few.  You may read, you may enjoy, but do you tell me?  You may read, you may commiserate, but do you tell me?  You may even “like,” after reading.  But do you tell me why?

And then I drank to let the past go, and forget a little, and finally, to celebrate the newness of another year.  I  cracked open the new year ending with celebration, and then I went to bed.

We all like new things, new clothes, new linens, new shoes, new computers, new cars, new TVs, new furniture, new wives.  But who loves them when they’re old and don’t look as good or perform like the newer model promises to?

Speaking of new things, last week my charger adapter cord finally gave up the ghost after I diddled and fiddled with it to get it to charge for  a few weeks.  I saw it coming, so a week ago I researched online and found one or two that were designed to work with the laptop.  Then I looked at local retailers and there was one that offered two that “might work” from a certain retailer who shall be nameless, for between two and five times what I wanted to pay, Mrs M said, “just order it!”  So I sent off for one by mail order and it arrived on Saturday, and worked.  There was much rejoicing over the newness and the actual function of the thing, especially when I saw with my own eyes the charge level at 95 %.  Holy Shit and Glory Hallelujah!

I like new, I confess.  I really do.  I have champagne wishes but only a kool-aid budget.  I have porterhouse dreams on an s-o-s budget.  We go to the church food pantry some, and my mum and dad sometimes give us meat.  With a little extra to spend we do have chicken, and believe me every scrap is cooked and eaten.  The church gave us a turkey for Christmas, and  we used leftovers, frozen if not in meals planned to be eaten quickly enough.  And we do have a cash flow, but not for large expenses.  Those large bills keep killing me.  But we keep on.

I had some good fortune this past week.  You know I buy a lottery ticket for $1 once in  a while.  When the jackpot is over $200M, if I have a dollar.  Well, I had a dollar and on a whim decided to get a scratch off.  I won $14 for that dollar. $13 if you count the ticket I bought to “let it ride,” that didn’t win anything.  So that reimbursed me for the cost of the charger cord, not the shipping yet, but I’ll count it like this:  God gave me the money back that I spent on the charger.  So, while counting blessings I’ll express triple gratitude:

Thanks, God, for sustaining and providing, even if your method of provision is a bit humiliating, with food on the table and jobs to go to that almost pay the bills. It may come from humiliating sources, but for the moment that’s what’s being provided.  Thanks, God, for enabling us to pay down some of the old debts we seem stuck under.  Progress is progress.   And thanks, God, for the “free” charger cord, even if I had to pay shipping.

It’s a new year and I’ll be damned if I’m not feeling just a little more hopeful.  I hope we have more opportunities to help others.  I’m going to see if I can make that happen.  There are people who don’t have homes, or who need what they have repaired or replaced.  I’ll stick to the budget and the plan.  We paid off a credit card, and we’ve almost paid off one of our used cars.  It’s been very hard.  I joked about “new wives,” but for now, despite everything, I’ll keep her.

So let’s drink to the old:  Here’s to the good memories of friends we’ve lost and friends we’ve made in the last year, and the past years, those we’ve been able to keep and those we’ll never forget.  Here’s to really slow progress bought on macaroni and cheese and food pantry staples.

And let’s drink to the new:  Here’s to cracking open a new bottle of hope.  Here, friends: have a sip.


6 thoughts on “The Thrill of New Things

  1. oh crap I forgot to type about the “certain retailer who shall be nameless” that if the adapter cord they wanted to sell me didn’t work it might be the kind that *FRYS* your computer and burns down your whole house. (AHEM!!!) I really should take something for this cough.


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