Swiss Cheese

I had a question in my head at work today, the answer to which was hilarious and stupid at the same time.  I was aware of both adjectives.  Now that I am home and hours have passed since the inspiration struck, I am aware of nothing.  Like a dream while sleeping, the fringes of my feelings are still there, but the brilliance and clarity are lost.  There was also another word dissection, passing in the mental causeways and caverns of my (apparently) Swiss cheese brain.

If my brain is an idiot, then what makes it an idiot is having to work at my stupid day job that sucks the dreams from my soul, the hope from my heart, and the inspirations of my ideas like marrow out of the bones of existence.  Or, not thinking quickly enough to write a a thumbnail sketch out before my fleeting attention span is taken by things my boss thinks I should consider more important.

If inspiration strikes again today, it’s evidence that my brain really, really wants me to be  a writer.  If it’s something funny to me, I won’t know if it’s funny to my readers, but if it makes me think it’s funny, it’s evidence that my brain wants me to have lighter moments.  If I remember to write it down quickly, it’s evidence that my brain wants me to torture my readers with whatever it is.  And if all of those stars cross, and align correctly, I’ll blog and I might see one or two of your reactions.

Until then, all you get is this “morsel.”  I say morsel, but not necessarily “tasty morsel.”  Who knows?  Maybe it’s more like a multivitamin and you accidentally chew it and then burp and it tastes like nasty freeze-dried beef liver.  You were supposed to drink that down with some water and then put something that tastes good on top of it.  Like a hot ham and swiss cheese on toasted rye bread.

Swiss cheese is a great thing.  But when your brain is swiss cheese it’s not so good.  So we’ll see what happens.  I’ll let you know.  Or not.

Have a great day anyway.


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