Earthquake, Erosion, Erasure

Earthquake, Erosion, Erasure
11/19/2016, Deon Mumple


I hate the world I didn’t create,
Destructive wind and rain and fate
Where time and death chip the veneer,
Sometimes stealing what I hold dear
The teacup falls, just slips away
Things fall apart, more to replace
There’s no purpose.  Nothing to learn
Teacups and treasures will all burn
So though I wish I could hold on,
One day it’s here, the next, it’s gone

I hate the world the world creates,
Religio-political debates,
We fall apart, can’t be replaced,
Treated cheaply, then just erased
Economics boils down to hate
Selfishness sets the interest rate
Relationships corrode and rust
Friendship, an endangered genus
Everyone lies, no one to trust
While lives, like teacups, chip to dust

I hate the world that I create,
I try to hope, but loathe the wait
The waste of time, supplanted goals
Broken, empty teacups, life’s tolls
I want to love, but need it more
Accounts deplete, though I adore
Sometimes I think my life is lies,
See?  Every year the garden dies.
The effort, worthless, Is it true?
Though worth nothing, I still love you.

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