Midnight Or Bust

“Normal” people are probably watching election returns, unless they’ve gone off to bed.  I can’t.  I voted today, spent the day out in the real world running around like a damned chicken with my head cut off.

For fucks sake, I took the day off.  To take the day off.  And then voting took more than an hour, ran to point A for my daughter, to point B for my daughter, back again to A for my daughter, went to the store, back home for a few minutes, back to A for my daughter, then dinner, to point C for my son, back home for shit we forgot, back to C, back home, finally.  I’m honestly exhausted and don’t want to see people tomorrow, which, thank GOD I asked for another day off tomorrow.  I have to check to see if it’s approved, so that means I drive to fucking work so I can make sure I can go back home for the day.  Shit.  If the boss had just approved it when I first asked, but it’s a way of stringing me along.

Those candidates.  I hated every one of them.  I wish that the press would release all the shit about the candidates when they first announce their candidacy.  Trump is a mysogynist blowhard ass hole who can’t shut the fuck up, Clinton is a misandrist scandal-driven ass hole who can’t shut the fuck up.  Oh look, they’ve got something in common.

You can’t blame Trump, he’s got no filter and no one advising him to shut the fuck up.  If he had shut the fuck up after announcing his candidacy, he’d have won hands down. Oh wait, hands down seems to be the other part of his problem, maybe he should keep them at his sides, or just on top of the desk.  Please.  No grabbing anything.

You can’t blame Clinton, scandal just seems to follow her, and she certainly wants nothing to do with that.  At the polls, I saw a guy passing out fliers, well away from the actual voting place in keeping with the law.  I saw another guy wearing a t shirt that said something about Benghazi, an obvious anti-Clinton tactic, and I had to wonder if it was actually illegal.  I didn’t see anyone making female crotch grabbing great again, so no standard for comparison.

The word “Benghazi” isn’t inherently offensive.  Just the connection connoted to Clinton. The word “pussy,” is unless it’s a damned cat.  We don’t assault people, or advocate that sort of behaviour.  But then, we don’t ignore calls for help when it’s in our power to at least try to do something to help out, either.  So the comparison is apples-with-worms-in-them to oranges-with-hairs-with-lice-in-them.  Trouble is, if it’s an apt metaphor, I can cure lice, but I can’t cure an apple with a nasty worm and a hole in it.  Leave him to “reality”tv, which I avoid watching like the plague, but she needs to retire from politics forever.

We didn’t get the shit out in the open about the extent of Clinton’s email server problems, or Trump’s shitty braggadocio-filled sound bytes and rape allegations until after the majority candidates had been chosen.  But she kept whitewashing herself against the scandal, or admitting it and apologizing because she made a “mistake.”  And if the allegations are true, Trump kept his dick in his pants and his hands to himself from 1997 to 2016.  As a guy who loves women, I don’t think I could do that if I had a thing for extramarital affairs and sexual assaults, mixed with that much money and power and celebrity status.  If it were me and I had it like that and acted like that, there would be a trail of thousands of women.  Too late to pick the best candidates, so fuck everybody, we all have to choose between these two losers.

In politics, “mistakes” cost lives.  You can’t just go “oopsie-doodle!” and get a mulligan, once someone is dead.  From Mary Caitrin Mahoney to Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, and someone knows who else before and since.  The author of this article asks how many people we know have died in the last 10 years whose deaths were mysterious.  My answer: zero.

In politics, sex seems to be part in parcel.  From the satirized until sanitized Washington record (“Washington Slept Here” commonly seen on signs and ads for hotels and bed and breakfasts, and George Washington as the “Father of Our Country,” I mean, come on, people, follow that backward to its’ logical inception in literal truth(s  “to be self-evident”)), to the records sealed or swept under a LOT of rugs for Kennedy, to Mrs. Clinton’s own fucking husband, to probably every other fucking (sorry) President of the United States.  I’d posit that sex seems very likely inevitable, but mysterious death shouldn’t be, even if adultery and murder are both on God’s top ten list.  And maybe, just maybe, speaking as a man who routinely doesn’t get what he wants, if Mrs Clinton had done what Mr Clinton wanted her to and proven she’s NOT a misandrist, his fiasco (fucking idiot and some cigars [getting] oral) would have never happened.  I have limits, and if they’re met or surpassed, I don’t think about wanting more.

I don’t want to hear about anyone fucking on the presidential seal carpet or getting head under the First Desk, or assaulting women, any other tacky, low-rent behaviour. I also don’t want to have hacked emails that were supposed to have been deleted, with state secrets leaked to potential adversaries giving them an advantage over our country or the wimpy Commander-in-Chief not doing shit while Americans, including American soldiers, are helplessly getting killed.

All the majority candidates suck, except Mrs Clinton apparently, and she should.   I just wish we were told how badly, before it was down to this choice.

Whoever wins, I’ll do what I always do:  pray.  You probably should, too.  Because our country doesn’t seem like it can win from where we are now in the game.  We’re going down no matter what color the carpeting is and no matter what kind of plumbing is installed, this is going to suck one way or another.  And I’m afraid we’ve all been screwed, and not in a nice way.

And, I’m sorry I didn’t finish this by the deadline I hoped for.

One thought on “Midnight Or Bust

  1. When you’re a bipolar, a ‘deadline’ can translate into any time frames. Seeing as we’re disable ‘n stuff, deadlines aren’t actually applicable in our chaotic lives. You posted. That’s all that matters, whatever the time frame 🙂

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