It’s Been So Long

It’s Been So Long, 11/6/2016, Deon Mumple

It’s been so long, my dear, I still recall
That easy laugh, your smiling eyes, our songs
We start to talk, remembering it all-
The good times from our past…it’s been so long

The lyrics of the love story we shared
Days, nights, all our sweet dreams and bitterness
A wonder:  we survived all that we dared,
Parting, each wanting badly to stay friends,

Time flowed, a breeze, a drought, a hurricane,
A life from dust, to dust returned.  I died.
Then, loneliness dispelled, just like my pain:
I breathed my first breath, born again, and cried

The griefs, hopelessness, gone. Joyous tears flow.
Unexpected, life turns.  I love you so.

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