Everyone Loves My Mask

Everyone Loves My Mask, Deon Mumple, 10/26/2016

I put on the mask, since I didn’t like me.
Ever look in the mirror and hate what you see?
I hid behind the mask for a long, long time,
Pretending sometimes I had strength for life’s climb
But for every step up I fell back, sometimes three,
Sometimes it feels like the mountain’s on me
And I’m buried with no hope to ever escape,
Sometimes I can plan, when life doesn’t lose shape,
But a plan doesn’t make itself happen, you know,
We have to push hard, and want to make things grow
Though I frequently wish I could decide to quit,
Friends, family life and work push ’til I’m mad as spit,
At least I’m angry enough to finish things I should.
Maybe their push is somehow something good.

I put on the mask and people like me
The real me seems fine, but must not be much to see.
To me, my steps are angry, stumbling pain
And I feel rain when there is no rain,
To them I make progress, just a little slow,
But I wish they’d like the me they don’t want to know.

3 thoughts on “Everyone Loves My Mask

  1. Endurance and pushing through life. Its exhausting. Sometimes it is easier to wear a mask. It makes me more agreeable, acceptable amongst ordinary folk, and that makes life easier. It’s sad that we have to hide/adapt. Why can’t they be tolerant and informed and accommodate us. Wearing a mask makes me feel lonely

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