Love, Feet, and Prayers

Blink, awake, I’m immediately obligated to fake that I’m feeling OK,
No breakfast, please, let me just take these,  pills, and I’ll start my day:
One foot in front of the other foot
in front of the other foot,
Just like my mum used to say

I’ll just brush my hair, don’t bother to shower, pretend that I care
about me.  And no one can see, I act brilliantly, hiding so deeply in there
One foot in front of the other foot
in front of the other foot
And remember never to swear

I went through hell, when I tried to tell my family what i was feeling
The rages, sadness, why is life such a mess, through the chaos, can you see me?
But here I’m safe, write one word, another
Just one word, another
Simple honesty feels so free

Steal a minute that ends, while I greet my real friends, and a minute has turned sixteen
Fuck!  I hate it, I’m late, but maybe you’ll read and you’ll know just what I mean
Make it through another day
Another one, one more day
And hope that my true love’s been seen

Then I drive off to work, following all the jerks in their cars who don’t know how to drive
Breathe fast, run to the door, traffic, work is a bore, I feel lucky that I survived
One task in front of the other task
What more can they ask?
And then they ask for ten other tasks, when I don’t even have time for five.

I’ll come home, try to read, staunch my soul, mid-bleed, understanding what you say
I need you, everyone, when life is no fun, to share life and trade jokes so I feel almost OK
We’re wired a different way.
If you hear what I say,
Just maybe you’ll stay one more day

And why do I stay?  Say the things I say? Feel the feelings the way I do?
Mania, sadness, rage, bitter here in my cage, but at least I’m here with you.
You encourage me, stronger as we,
Than we, alone would be,
While I try to encourage you:

One more day, stay with me, one more, and another,
Make it through, breathe, don’t smother,
Put one foot in front of the other,
I do love you, like my sisters and brothers.
So please stay one more day, and then stay through another.
Please, stay.

2 thoughts on “Love, Feet, and Prayers

  1. Another great poem describing your world and ours. I understand so well the feelings you so eloquently reveal. I’m lifting you up with peace and caring while we go through another day just like the others.

    Liked by 1 person

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