“Meet the new boss, same as the old boss,”
Just ran a revolution but you’ve lost
Because you haven’t  yet count the cost

Deluded, you still think you’ve won.

My whole life’s carefully been invested, spent
Slowly trying to make a dent
Because change always, always, takes a toll
It’s less when we’re more in control
Explosions and notions  in motion
Need to remember their purpose, their soul.

Father, forgive, we don’t know what we’ve done.

Now you’ve got your change,
Say your world looks strange,
And as I expected the world you disrespected
Didn’t turn out quite as good as you predicted;
You insisted, but you missed it, it twisted,

The rocket crash landed, spun.

You like the chaos, disorder, confusion?
Then you are rightly your father’s children:
Your promised greatness, Utopian illusions,
Are exposed, as conditions just worsen.

Now you choose who to do right by,
But to me, you turn a blind eye-
You still look down on me, from the outside,
The “truth” you wanted to believe, lied.

And I bet, when things finish adjusting,
And turn out to be the same thing,
You’ll still be blaming

Someone else for what you‘ve done,

With your guns, and your words,
What you’ve heard,
Argumentum absurd-

um, you desperately believe
What you want to believe in.
Just because you want it to be
True, doesn’t make it not sin.
You’ve left me, undeservedly
Molested, left with even less

Than the less I really had,
The progress and success I should have
As over time, I’ve earned it, you’ve stolen
What I’ve worked for and still don’t have yet
You’re deluded, lie-blinded and can’t find
Or see truth, enraged, destructive, sad.
Deception’s a drug making you a crazed thug, quite mad,
Selfishly claiming that my struggle wasn’t as bad,

Because I respected, and waited, and labored,
And now even more, I’m still waiting, working,
Praying, delaying, dreaming and searching
For my tangible dreams, not your illusions,
Opportunities that you presumed
Were somehow always mine for the taking
But denied from you.  That was never true, breaking
The rules of rights and wrongs I  always had to follow.
You’ve left us all with emptiness.  We’re hollow.

Because you never saw my real reality
Believing your illusion, presumptuously
Seeing something that was never there
You were the only one you ever cared
About, don’t doubt, but it’s been completely clear to me

Our skin’s just as thin
As previous generations
The blanket generalizations
You hate, primarily when
You think one’s being unfairly applied to you
Are equally harmful and untrue
When you use them to lie about me, social spin,

I never had the future handed to me,
But you delusionally
Claimed the one to blame was me,
When I only wanted us to help each other succeed

The hate gets taught, passed down, inherited,
The ignorance, selfishness, destructiveness,
Despair that brings desperation, hopelessness, stress,
Will we always lose?  Our bruised eyes, blinded
Bleeding everyone out, until we are all dead?
We did it to ourselves, and we’re disappointed,

When we could, easier, have worked, and assisted,
Each other, and instead, resisted all
Our selfish ambition, lies yelling in our heads.
It’s coming, a “new” thing, and when we are dying,
Regretfully crying, finally realizing,
The same old strategies still aren’t working,
There’s nothing new happening,

Still thinking others should be carrying our cross,
Destroying, and stealing, not paying the costs.
“Meet the new boss, same as the old boss,”
When we hand the world down, after we’ve lost,

To our rightfully disillusioned, disappointed daughters and sons.


4 thoughts on “Revolution

  1. Your poem is very true and your pain tore at my heart Deon. You speak of this world as it is filled with good for nothing bosses who climb up that ladder on the backs of great men. It is so sad our lives get ground in the dirt by people who have no soul. I am so sorry they don’t acknowledge all that you work so hard to accomplish, and do not pay you what you really earn. Life seems so unfair a lot of the time, I just wish you could find a boss who had some integrity. Sending you hugs and love for being the great man you truly are. Hope you feel better soon!


    1. Thanks for your thoughtfulness.

      My poem isn’t just about corrupt bosses, it’s also about anyone, boss or unemployed faker, who feels so much entitlement that they take and don’t contribute, destroy and never build, and teach their children disrespect and destruction by doing the same. I’m saying there’s stability to be found in proper behavior and respect, not in taking advantage of others, hurting others, destruction, looting, or shooting at cops (Or innocents). Just because you have, or decide to seize, power, doesn’t mean you have the privilege to abuse it. We all have a responsibility to care for one another and think carefully about the consequences of our actions.

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