Escaping My Clutches

Escaping My Clutches, 9/28/2016, Deon Mumple

She keeps trying to escape my clutches,
Not realizing, not thinking,
That there, right there, happiness
Is ours for the taking.

Held, firmly, securely, skin to skin,
That’s where I want her,
And she hides, as if it were a sin,
To enjoy the surrender,

Flirting, teasing, it goes back and forth
Sadly, I notice less back,
Escaping, hiding, behind invisible doors
Fortified against attack.

But that smile sometimes still crosses her lips…
Sometimes when stars sweetly align
I’m caught in drunken delight, from tiny sips
Craving more fruit from that vine

After what feels like a drug addict’s fix,
I wait, wish, and hope, for more,
Feeling love and rage and wanting, mix
She’s the one my heart beats for.

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