The Value of Our Lives

There are days when I am powerless, hopeless, worthless,
If I had a dream it would be found drowning in an abscess,
Stuck in the mud like a shoe that’s untied
A treasure that’s lost like every tear I’ve ever cried,

And then there are the times when I know I can win, when
I re-dream my daydreams, and life seems calm like zen,
I feel orderly, time is mine to harness then
A bite at a time, slow, and I could eat an elephant,

The world spins in its’ sins, and I may wake up tomorrow
When lows come back again I know, I go, progress too slow
Powerlessness, my hopelessness and worthlessness haunting me
My courage held hostage to pain and anxiety,

But what makes me feel more important than progress
Is who I matter to.  If that’s you, then please say “yes!”
‘Cause I probably could do this with or without you,
But I’m less inspired every time I lose even one of you.

I count if you count me, see, because it’s just you and me,
I count you, count on you, because we’ve got history
Family, you and me have to see how much we matter
Look around, and see how losing one makes us so much sadder

And that’s why you and I aren’t worthless.  We’re priceless!
Don’t let go, though we know it’s hard through life’s crisis.
We feel powerless in this mess, too much stressing,
But we have each other to lift up with blessing,

Without you I’m worthless, I lose what the point is,
No one to value me, your heart’s where my treasure is
Without me you could be just fine, sure, possibly,
But if we’re together, think of the possibilities.

You may think you’re worthless, and useless, and stupid,
And then want to end it like nothing mattered, but you did.
The real treasures I’ve lost caused almost every tear I’ve ever cried,
And be sure I think you’re a treasure I hold with pride.


22 thoughts on “The Value of Our Lives

  1. Of course you matter!!! I loved every word you wrote, because you mean them sincerely. I am happy to know we all matter to each other. I’m glad you are here tonight, please pray for me. I am having a lot of pain lately, my Dr. thinks I have lupus. And it will be a month before they can get me in to a Rheumatologist. The physical pain is wearing me down. Thanks Deon and hugs!

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    1. I like all of that except your pain. You matter. And of course I’ll pray for you I’m sorry you’re in pain and I hope you find relief and healing. Until you get to the doctor, check this out: recommends hot peppers, ginger, turmeric and ginseng for natural pain relief. Orange and ginger makes a great flavored tea,

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  2. “The world spins in its’ sins” I really like that. Not that I like that the world spins in its’ sins. I like your alliteration.

    When you feel worthless, it is so hard to feel like the priceless person you are.

    Thank you for your post. You matter.

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      1. Mí Deon hermoso, te quiero mucho, cuídate mucho. Estoy mirando todo lo que tengo que hacer hoy: Lavar platos, lavar ropa, llevar mi perro a caminar, y no quiero hacer absolutamente NADA.
        Pero te voy a decir algo, estoy agarrando la fuerza de todas las palabras hermosas del Tribe de los ultimos dias y voy a hacer la mierda que no quiero hacer.
        Voy a tomar las palabras, los recuerdos de Ulla y luchar, luchar por mi bien estar y el bien estar de mis seres queridos.
        It’s fun writing to you in Spanish. Let’s do this more often 😉 xx

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      2. Yea I’m tired just reading your “to do” list. FML, I didn’t do mierda this weekend and now I have to find the energy to do it tonight, or harass the kids and make them help, which takes an energy all its own. At least I mowed the grass. Maybe I can sit outside after giving them the “to do” list. 😀 I thought the tribe’s response offering tributes about Ulla was wonderful, thank you for thinking of that and setting it up.

        I read Spanish pretty quick still, but I write a whole lot quicker in English than en Español. Pero, sí; deberíamos hacerlo. Gracias!

        Oh, hilarious, my daughter learned a new word from these TV shows and a musical she likes… From “In the Heights,” Lin Manuel Miranda’s character Daniela uses it, and from “The Get Down” Jimmy Smits uses it. She heard it and didn’t know what it meant. Yeah, the word is “coño.” First, I said not to start using that word. And second I said to look it up, after all she’s 16 and needs to know vocabulary. She laughed, after she blushed. Sheesh, the things we have to teach our kids!

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      3. I just got a fucked up reply to something I reblogged last year. I’m really irritated by it, and it needs to be addressed properly in a blog post…not gonna happen today though…and lol and omg re: coño. She DOES need to know what it means though.
        I had an interesting convo with my kids on our way to the zoo yesterday about 9/11 and how I’m thankful I had a c-section instead of natural birth cos otherwise my first born would have been born on 9/11 and yay he was born on 9/10 and then we talked about terrorists and the Twin Towers and it’s hard to be tactful.
        Then my 7 year old said There’s war everywhere and mentioned Russia…I was like “I’m not fucking equipped to answer these questions right now”, but we talked about senseless violence…and then we saw some cute panda cubs, not yet a year old.
        I’m so happy many people gathered on Ulla’s blog to write a tribute. You’re most welcome!
        Off to do laundry…

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      1. I’m still slow and weak in the sense walking takes it out of me. Mostly sore in the morning. Today I’ve been easily light headed and dizzy, but I think that has to do with my left ear. It’s got that funny pressure like when there’s water in there but not the sound. Idk if I did something to my ear drum or if it’s stopped up. All I know is its really annoying. So is the nausea 😉 Got my cool cup of tea next to my bed, and my Zofran on board. Probably gonna be out in a few minutes! Thanks for checking on me, ya wearer of heart on sleeves 💖

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