Thop Then Thursday?

About Those Helpful Self-Help Lists, 09/07/2016, Deon Mumple

At the risk of the ridiculous,
I was going to write a ridiculous list of lists,
The kinds of things given to us by would-be helpful bloggers and writers.
They have good hearts, I have to trust,
Really wanting to help us,
But what works for them doesn’t always excite us.
My heart’s already weighted by
A life of bitter hardship, try
As I might I can’t always lift the burden
Enough to find my own success.
“Do what you like” doesn’t impress
Me when the bills aren’t paid and I am hurting.
The one thing that I’d really like
Is to encourage others to keep up the fight
And for others to encourage me through my own storm
My prayers don’t stop the flooding in a leaky boat
God may be close but He sure feels remote
“At least you have a boat,” doesn’t feel like a caring retort.
Sometimes instead of writing lists to try,
That accuse us, blaming us for why
We’ve caused our own problems, without any proof
With superior airs, you’re better than us,
Blind to your hypocrisy, even citing Jesus,
Looking down your noses, standing far off, aloof.
You can be the one who walks on by
Drop your list, not really caring about a desperate cry.
Or why not do something practical, creating the change?
You’ve heard the issues, you understand,
We’ve already lost, played out our hand,
Or is a list of one thing too simple or strange?


One thought on “Thop Then Thursday?

  1. No list is going to help, when understanding would mean so much more. Walk a mile in our shoes and tell me how that list will matter. I am thankful for the compassion we have for each other, but others need not apply you just stand shaking your head while we are left to die. Hugs sweet man!

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