Balanced Reading Habits

I think I have pretty balanced reading habits, diverse interests, and a mostly open mind with a childlike fascination with everything life has to offer.  That may be a bold claim but I think I can defend it pretty well. I can hear you now:  So, Deon, how do you know the blogs you follow are a good mix?

“Welcome to the jungle we’ve got fun and games
We got everything you want honey, we know the names
We are the people that can find whatever you may need
If you got the money honey we got your disease.”

(thanks, MetroLyrics)

Here are my top 10 diseases. I mean reasons why I think my blog reading is fairly balanced.  (If you hate the musical choices of the day, no one says you have to click them to listen to them, but I enjoyed them all and I’m not apologizing.  And whatever your opinion of the band and their relationship dynamics, I’m not writing about that shit.  If you want to cover that, go for it.)  Without further adieu, here are my

Top 10 Reasons I Believe My Reading Selections are Balanced

10-a balanced diet blog is juxtaposed against a few foodie blogs and they’re not afraid to grab the butter and sugar and bacon.  All food is beautiful to me.  Keep those coming. I also follow at least one alcohol blog, maybe I need one on sobriety…(see #2?)  Food and drink may be the closest thing I know next to paradise.  Mix in a little music and you’ve got the perfect storm.

9- an exercise and health food blog is right next to a blog extolling the virtues of laziness and junk food. You may hate junk food and laziness like some people hate banjos, accordians and bagpipes, but I like all of these things,

and this is MY blog, so if you’re reading it, a) it’s not all like this and b) you’re reading it and c) maybe you can read to the end of this list because trust me: after I’ve played bluegrass and bagpipes, especially if you hate those, how bad can it get?
8-I can read from Republicans about how bad Democrats are and then vice versa, and then about the other parties.  Or, I can swipe past those.  Because sometimes it’s more balanced to just ignore those.

7-men’s issues and then women’s issues and then relationship  and issues
6-and then about a varied and diverse set of perspectives on love

5.5-family life, single life, divorced life, married life, stuff about raising kids and why people shouldn’t tell other people how they ought to live their lives or raise their kids (to “Be a Pepper”: I’m an asshole, he’s just stupid, she’s an idjet, we’re all clueless, shouldn’t you all just shut your fucking holes?) Oh. I mean, um, …this:

5-poetry blogs!  They stand alone; I just like them
4.5-blogs with pictures of animals including pets. I like your cats and pythons and guinea pigs and llamas and dogs. Honestly, I’d be jealous if I didn’t have allergies.
4-science and technology blogs, they’re just cool
3-original sci-fi and fantasy (running out of numbers for my list of only 10), and even a blog about books the writer enjoyed reading (or hated) and why they were good (or awful).

2.5-well-researched blogs by medical professionals and others by those who live under their influence, or the influence of what the medical professionals say to take two of and [don’t] call me in the morning.”

2-Religious perspectives, including Christian ones even.  Just know that my perspective is as valid as the next person.  I reserve the right (or left, perhaps) to skip those too.  Also be aware that if I don’t skip it and you’re pushing a “biblical” perspective, I reserve the right to present an alternate “biblical” perspective.  Some of these are insightful and interesting, but I’ll leave that to the readers’ judgement. I think we all think we’re knocking on heaven’s door, I just think many of us are at the wrong address and don’t realize it.

1-People who think they’re mentally healthy tell me why and how I should “just” be mentally healthy and happy, and people who think they’re crazy, or who have people in their lives who tell them they’re crazy, remind me that I’m sane, and I think they’re more normal and sane than “normal” and “sane” people are. If I didn’t have you, I wouldn’t have anything.

All of the blogs I read may influence my future writing, so just be careful out there.  You may be putting bullets into my head’s cannon, roses in my guns, or guns in my roses.  Whatever it is, it may come back toward you, or someone you know.

I’m grateful for all of you because most of the time I run out of time before I can get to reading any “news.” Thank you all so much for that.

OH. I also like music, and music blogs, not that you’d ever notice that.  Also, I said I wouldn’t apologize, and if you don’t like it, I’m sorry.

I’m done writing my list. But Don’t cry!  Remember, Nothing lasts forever.



5 thoughts on “Balanced Reading Habits

      1. I think it’s a good song for anyone who has ever been misrepresented by press, family, etc. Fuck ’em all. I am not absolving the band members for being dickbags, but also…I know what it’s like to try to do good only to have some idget turn it into a negative.
        That and well, the song just rocks 😉

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Fabulous post. It helps that I could jam to GNR nonstop. Life. Made. Thanks for the smiles. They are much needed as I’m 48 hours in with no power thanks to Hurricane Hermine. No flooding or property damage and we’re all healthy just ornery as hell, but it’s good & reading this put a big smile on my face.

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