Fear and Love: A Poem in Two Voices

I looked straight in your soul, and saw the real beauty
Hiding in there behind all your insecurity:
You are afraid since you don’t know my motives,
Society breeds awkwardness, hard to know what the truth is.

They don’t really like me, they’re fakes on the make,
I haven’t got anything worthwhile left to take
And so much less to give.  Please!  Don’t look at me!
I’m holding it together but even my mask isn’t much to see.

I took a step back to look straight to your heart,
Broken, but beautiful, every last fragmented part,
I wish you didn’t hurt. I wish I could heal you.
I wish you felt whole, and free to be the real you

They looked and I know they saw every minute flaw,
Last time I trusted enough I was left feeling raw,
I don’t ever want that to happen, never again,
I swear, I’ll run faster and farther than I did then,

I stepped back once more, to look on the outside,
And saw even more beauty trying to hide.
You’ve tried to hide and you’ve failed.  I can see
Everything, even scars, still beautiful to me.

If love could be true then why’s it lies, always?
I’m sorry, it’s not fair, love tries, the heart pays.
I’m always paying those checks.  I’m tired of the game.
See yourself through my eyes:  Real love never brings you shame..


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