(So I already wrote one called Pretend, so this one will be “Pretending.”)

Pretending, 8/25/2016, Deon Mumple

I pretend so well to be so strong,
That you believe it, but it’s wrong.
I’m fractured, crushed, empty, and weak;
There is no Oz-wizard to seek.

I pretend so well to be so smart,
To cover up my broken heart,
To hide the real, small-minded me,
Untouchable, no one can see:

I have an act down pat: fearless,
With rage enough to fight the stress,
And compassion enough to care,
After I face my demons’ dares,

I pretend to be so spiritual,
My answers are so biblical,
But sometimes I feel my soul’s been trod
Under the sandaled feet of God.

I pretend so well that I’m not hurt-
Daggers don’t show under my shirt,
But my heart’s ripped, I trust no one,
It doesn’t heal, I want to run,

Pretending I can run away,
And want to come back again to play,
I can’t, but what I want to do
Is leave everyone and hide from you.

4 thoughts on “Pretending

  1. What a wounded post. Unfortunately for us both, I can relate. My question is always the same – why can’t the ordinary folk pretend for once – and leave us to express our emotions. Sometimes hiding away is a good thing, a healing thing. ((hugs)) to you Deon

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  2. I get this. I pretend every day to be a normal, stable parent when half the time…I want my mommy. Ya know, when she is in the “not verbally abusive” mode.

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    1. I pretend so I was able to see through to the real, awesome you, pretty quick. But you’re a brilliant and beautiful actress and I just want to hug you. um… platonically. Or is that plutonically? 😉 I want my Mrs M most of the time, but there is a song (there’s always a song) about it, about being content whatever the circumstances, get me making it about Philippians 4:12 HA, but it’s here, (bet you laugh) :


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