The Best Time to Sing the Blues

The Best Time To Sing The Blues, 8/19/2016, Deon Mumple

The best time to sing the blues
Is after the storm,
Picking up the pieces
Of a life that’s torn.
We all get ’em sometime.
We all feel the flood;
Feel like we’re drowning,
Water and blood.

And ain’t nothin, nothin I can do,
But feel blue

The best time to sing the blues
Is when you’re away,
I miss your heartbeat and your eyes,
The funny things you say.
Ain’t no storm like lonely,
Tears my soul apart.
I___ need you baby,
Please, come heal my heart.

No one, no one, no one I want, but you.
I feel blue.

The storm is raging out there.  The waters rise.
None of it matters, let me look in your eyes.

The best time to sing the blues
Is when I feel blue
I don’t want you to sing them with me
I just want you, to
Stay. right. here__. with me, baby
Till the storm has passed,
You’re all I need to get through.
I need our love to last.

But right now, I know, ain’t nothin, I can do,
But feel blue.

Dear Readers,

I’m watching the flood in Louisiana, saw the flooding in Texas, and it has me thinking about the disparity of politics, the despair of the citizens, and praying.  Sure, it wasn’t as drastic as a hurricane, but people are handling this in an entirely different way than they did and it’s the same issue- flood water and death and hunger.  Last time there were fingers of blame, last time there was a demon who didn’t care about the people, and this time I don’t see it, and it isn’t balanced.

It got me in the mood to sing the blues, and this song is what came out of my head.  I’m hoping my emotional storm has passed, for this season.  And I hope, when your storms are raging, you know I’m here for you.



9 thoughts on “The Best Time to Sing the Blues

  1. So sad what the floods destroy. The hopes and dreams of so many, while our pres. sits in their irvory tower. We are all here for each other! Our pres. are just like the kings in the Bible. Out for themselves. I didn’t make their title in caps and only abbreviated it because they are abbreviated versions of our first Presidents.

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