More, Please!

Look here, Lisa A does her level best to encourage people who are involved with other people to maintain a level of romance.  I think that’s healthy.

Yesterday I took the day off from work and encouraged Mrs. M to do the same.  She did, which was a pleasant surprise, and we had a lovely day.

For all of you with concerns about my relationship with Mrs. M, relax.  A bit.  She sometimes frustrates me, the source of poetry and rants.  We’re fine.

I cooked breakfast after the kids were on the bus, not too shabby.  We had French toast with maple syrup, pork sausages, and pretty decent coffee.  Normally I would leave for work without breakfast after waking up too early for any human, and any coffee is flavorless and bitter.  What did we do on our day off?  We cleaned for a while.  Sure.  But it was extras we don’t normally get to, and we were working together on it, so that was nice.

After cleaning and I washed up the breakfast dishes, we did… other things.  Which was nice.  A day without kids and we spent the time cleaning?  I wish I had minions for that; there would be more time for those other things.  You know. …accruing interest…  reinvesting dividends…  combining our resources …discussing business mergers   …striving for synergy, etc.  Our children don’t minion well, being inferior specimens as minions.  They’re too busy with homework and social things and Pokemon Go.  But I dread when they move out, for their sakes, because I THINK the skill set may not be quite ready to test, although we are trying to instill it.  At least some failures in life take a while to manifest.  By then, they’ll call for my recipe for whatever or how the fuck did you clean up baby puke and magic marker on the walls, and I’ll tell them I found it online and then fixed it, because I don’t leave recipes alone.  And good luck with the puke.

Then we went for a walk in a nearby town square.  Imagine that, Deon left the safety of the bunker and peopled.  Well not much.  There was the waitress at the little hole-in-the-wall place Mrs M wanted to go to.  And before tip, our $12 sandwich that we split came to $20, so that.  The extra onion rings, the tea, and before you blinked, $20.

It was raining and Mrs. M was lovely as ever.  I held her umbrella and the doors, because 1, gallantry is old fashioned and 2, so am I.  And 3, she likes it that way.  And 4, she was using both hands for Pokemon Go (Figure), so I had to hold the umbrella.  But she wanted to go to a local shop that was 2 blocks away and I thought we ought to walk.  So instead of holding my hand, because I’m old fashioned like that, she held her phone.  She said she caught a few.  And then she and some random strange adult male-ian prattled on, in that alien language, about the game.  In the rain.  I heard words like “bait,” “trap,” “hatch,” “pokay stop” and “lure.”  (wtf?)  And I kidded awkwardly about the real live praying mantis I had seen that morning while walking, and the real food we just ate, and he joked skillfully back that there will be an app for that reality thing soon.  I am too old for that Poke-shit.  And there are so many more practical investments of time when I have energy.  She idled around a shop or three and then time got away from us and the kids’ buses had already delivered our minions from their educational experiences for the day, so we headed back home to my sighs of relief.

I’m glad we went walking.  In spite of my wish that I owned a treadmill, in spite of the rain, we need to go places and do things in spite of my wish to be a recluse.  It keeps the relationship fresh, and it reminds me how to people, even if it’s awkward.  Maybe I bluff well enough.  She needs to talk words, and relate, and feel feelings and such, I’ll leave that up to her as much as possible.  She peoples so much more naturally than I can.  Even at the doctor the other day.  The doctor alerted me that I’ve gained two more pounds.  Shit.  I need to diet and exercise.  If my phone worked I might Pokemon Go.  But I’m glad it doesn’t.

I guess I need to strategize about how to get my wife to not have to work on the same days I pick to not work, if I want more of that.  And I do want more of that.  Sadly, there was no serenade and there were no candles, and there was no poetry or song.  There wasn’t enough time, plus the kids would have pretended to be grossed out.  But dinner was lovely, a good end to a good day.  I need a few more days to do the things I didn’t get to.  More, please!

Thanks for checking in on me, I’ll be fine until the next trigger.
Shit.  (That’s a joke people, it’s Roy Rogers’ horse named Trigger, he snuck up on me.  And he’s dead, so that was a feat.  And I’m too young to know about Roy and Trigger.  I blame mum.  Damned singing cowboy sounded like a horse to me.)

Hope you’re all having a great day.  I had a good one yesterday, so everyone can say a prayer of thanks.  And I’m afraid mine are going back to normal now; I’ll let you know.  It’s a good thing my day off happened on a day when I had enery.  If I had a Trigger, I’d need more cash but I’d be forced to get out more.   If I had a Trigger, I’d want it to look like Rapidash.  Because Triggers seem pretty plain.

I wonder if Pokemon Go works on flaming horseback.


18 thoughts on “More, Please!

  1. Thanks for the shout out, Deon! I’m glad you had a romantic day with your Mrs. on a Monday nonetheless! The breakfast sounds SO good right about now! I don’t care for Pokemon Go either! I’m too old for it! Me and a few other bloggers participate in Romantic Tuesday posts every week. They include poetry, songs, photos, stories, etc. (basically anything romantic). Erika Kind was the first one to do it. Then other bloggers started playing along. This is her blog in case you want to check it out. Her blog is always so positive and uplifting.


  2. So happy you had your romantic day! You did very good Deon, you did some things she wanted to do. Next time you have a day off she’ll want to take off too! I see you smiling just thinking about yesterday!!!!

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  3. Well, Feck! I was supposed to encourage romance? My jaded booty thought it was enough to respect love and monogamy!
    This is why I don’t do “social” in any way, shape, or form.
    We should be able to appreciate/respect/love each other, PERIOD. Unless that legal document is involved and then you both should offer a dowry, virginity, blind loyalty, and also, suppress your identity as well as sacrifice your organs all in the name of “marriage”.
    I’m sorry, I tried to shield my sarcasm but…one more thing I failed at. ❤

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