Earworm: Foreigner

I’ve got a Foreigner song in my head.  Earworms, don’t you love those?  It started with “this heart of mine has been hurt before,” and then my brain went back to the beginning “So Long….”  Normally it would be “Ramble On,” and then my response would be laughter.  But “I need to know if you feel it too.”  That’s the line that really resonated in my heart.

I need to know. I asked Mrs. M to take next Monday off with me. She asked me what I wanted to do, and I told her.  [Almost explicit response deleted]  The kids are off to school, I thought that would NEVER start. And yet, I still have to work, so “summer vacation” means nothing to me. She never gave me a straight answer, I guess she has to ask her boss.

I keep on trying.  I’m trying.  (Very trying, right?)  A better song would be this one:

There’s a poem there somewhere, but for now I’m just going to enjoy those strings.  I want to play my guitar now and I’m stuck behind my desk.  Anyone know an orchestra that’ll pay a living wage to a moderately to highly skilled violin/violist, here near the bunker?  I need a $5K starting package and then only $65K a year to start.  That’s a modest offer, you know, nothing too extravagant, but it would almost be enough.  I would even pay for guitar lessons to increase my valuability to the orchestra.  I can’t play guitar for shit.  But after a year I need a raise commensurate with my increased skill level as a musician.  $100,000 will be fine, and I wouldn’t accept a penny more.  No, please.  Really.  Well ok, $150,000.

I’m sincerely disappointed that Mrs. M doesn’t really care about my writing.  She takes it for granted.  Because I would do that whether paid or not. I’m already doing it without any income generation.  I wonder what would make her feel most loved if she does take the day off with me.

Breakfast in bed would be nice.  Dessert would be even nicer IYKWIM.  At Deon’s Bunker, Deon is always available on her “preferred customer” menu.  Too bad she never orders that, it’s on special and always served hot.

Maybe I could plan a spa day, and get the supplies to do stuff to her at home.  NO, Not like THAT.  Although, THAT might be fun too.  Mud for the pores, hot towels, wash the feet, massage and oil the skin, manicure, pedicure, paint the nails…  That presumes she will stay home with me.  Unless I want my own spa day.  I’ve never had one before.  If I am home alone, note to self- black nail polish.  That’s not expensive unless she goes to the spa.  I’ve never been to a spa, unless you count the time my sister tried to stuff me in the clothes washing machine.  Does that count?  I was fine until the spin cycle, bleah.  Just kidding, she never did that.

If she doesn’t stay home with me, maybe,

Probably not. But I occasionally window shop. It’s a guy thing, I figure as long as I don’t buy anything it’s all right.  Maybe we could walk downtown and have ice cream. Instead of me going window shopping, IYKWIM.

Maybe she’ll let me look deeply into her eyes for a few hours.  Those are supposed to be the windows to the soul and that’s exactly my kind of soul.

Maybe I could compose an original piece of music for her…  But that’s not an all day event.

Maybe a picnic lunch at a park.  We could go to the lake, and have chicken.

Pity she doesn’t like to fish.  I wonder if she would have plans for me, that go beyond washing her dishes, taking out her trash, washing her laundry, mopping and vacuuming her floors, mowing her grass, as sexy as that is, it’s all she seems to want me for and I think I have more to offer.

To the ONE person out there who did it, I heard you, snickering, damn it.  You thought, yeah he can cook and iron and do the shopping and wash Mrs M’s car.  Well I heard you and you can shut up.  You know who you are.

To the REST of you, if you were being treated extra special by your significant other, or treating yourself for the day, what would you want?  (Besides Deon, he’s only available to Mrs. M.)

I covet your tender, loving ideas, constrained as they may end up being by my budget limitations.  Thank you, and please begin brainstorming below.


7 thoughts on “Earworm: Foreigner

  1. How about breakfast in bed followed by bubble bath(for 2) if possible, then a little massage with lotion and candles and see what comes up. But you might serenade her also with a song for her!!! Tell her it is a surprise and don’t tell her details so she can fantasize about your day together. You need to be sweet and helpful until then to get her in the mood. Think about the things y’all liked when first together to do. Tell her it is a work free day, a day of love.

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      1. You can get flowers at the grocery store pretty cheap not roses they cost more. And play some romantic music will you play. And dinner dessert with kids later great. You need to do cooking if you can tell her you want to pamper her.

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