Get Lost With Me

All my life I was taught about asking directions,
As a young man I heard all the derision
That men were too strong, and men were too proud,
To admit they were lost and needed to be found,
But the jokes weren’t true, the jokes they made up
Trying to goad men into proving they were tough
Only made men feel weaker than they might have been
And made them feel worthless as all detoured to sin
So we ask our computers and phones where to go
Because deep down we wish we could somehow just know.
All I know is I really don’t know.
Take my hand, and let’s go

I’ve learned the reason for all the joking
Was so we would ask someone else if we are doing the right thing
And so we would feel weak when we didn’t know the way
So we would go somewhere secretly and pray
Do you really need someone who walks all that straight?
Reads the right signs, is that the best mate?
All I want is for someone to trust in us
And help me find my way back to trust,
And while I am wandering, soulless, unseen,
Will you please get lost with me?
Will you get lost with me?


2 thoughts on “Get Lost With Me

  1. This is a great piece of work. I especially like the following line:

    So we ask our computers and phones where to go
    Because deep down we wish we could somehow just know.

    This is so true – it was the case with me. The internet was not only a place where I could learn about my mental illness, but also where I sought solace -thankfully I am more open about it now with my family and friends. Yet it’s sadly still a big issue.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    1. My family doesn’t want to believe me about my mental health, which doesn’t do any favors for my mental health. Mrs. M is taking me to the Dr sometime soon so we can discuss it. She wants me to get a magical pill that will make me not depressed. I want the same magic pill to not make me nauseous, not give me a skin rash, not make my cycles rapid, and leave my manic phase alone, or as a baseline. I don’t care about the mania or the rage. I don’t destroy things when I rage, and I’m a whole lot more productive when manic. The depression phase is a little crippling. And then there are the other mental health issues-doctor phobia, mental health stigma, ADD, potential for drug addiction, not being able to drink while on meds, and finding myself mildly somewhere on the autism spectrum. Yeah I may be messy, but fortunately my cycle is mild most of the time and so is all the rest of it, but it irritates Mrs. M. Bless her heart. Thanks for noticing my little blog and me.~DM (D-octors M-ay-fuck-my-brain-up-yet)

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