I Dreamed of You

I Dreamed of You, 08/06/2016, Deon Mumple

I used to believe life would figure itself out,
Things would fall into place
I don’t know where I ever got
The idea I’d avoid the rat race,
But I had big dreams of who I’d be
And I dreamed of you:
I dreamed you’d be the perfect wife,
We’d be so in love, unbreakable,
Sweet and tender, for the rest of our life,
That’s what I dreamed of
I dreamed of you

It was easy at first, for a little while,
Or maybe it just seemed right,
I met you and I liked your smile
You made my heart feel strong and light
The dream came true, it was you and me,
‘Cause I dreamed of you.
Turned out you aren’t the perfect wife,
And both our hearts are too fragile
Tough and tender, some days we just fight
I tried to recapture the dream of love
I dreamed of you

But life came along and broadsided me
Like a speeding semi truck or a greyhound bus
It’s been so hard I lost faith and gave up dreams
I lost myself, and I lost us
I looked around for something better to see,
But I dreamed of you.

Life broke all over me and my childhood dreams,
But the paths of a romantic man’s heart
Don’t care about his ego’s childish screams
They keep me coming back to the start:

Turned out you are the perfect wife,
For times when life leaves us dazed and stung
No matter what happens, I’m yours for life
You are the strong and tender one I dreamed when I was young
My dream come true
I dreamed of you.


One thought on “I Dreamed of You

  1. Beautiful love poem, have you written on just for her!!!! I’m glad you only have eyes for her, and glad you understand no one is perfect. But she’s your perfect you need to let her know. She probably has the same worries and fears you have. Life gets hard sometimes, but it will get better. I promise you it will, I’ve been around long enough to know it is the darkest before the dawn.


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