Pour le Bien de L’État?

If I ever ran for President, they’d dig up the dirt on my past and throw it in my face.  They do it to every President nowadays,  and every one of them has dirt of some kind.  Drug use from 30 years ago.  Adultery.  I wonder where the voters would draw the line.  Murder?  If it could be proven that is, as at least two recent Presidents have ties with certain intelligence agencies and I bet their records are squeaky clean no matter what they have done.

Ever read anything like this?

C’est par mon ordre et pour le bien de l’État que le porteur du présent a fait ce qu’il a fait.


If I had one of those, if it was valid and signed by the right authorities, I could do anything. Assuming I didn’t get le sabre through le cour doing whatever I did.

That’d leave a mark.  But I can think of a more painful place to be cut.

But yeah, if they ever did dig for scandals, they’d find I’m a flirt.  A bad flirt.  I’m sorry to all the people I’ve ever flirted with before.  Then they’d find out all my personal indiscretions, which I’d rather remain personal.  Then they’d find out I didn’t wash the dishes last night.  I left them in the sink.  They’d find out I didn’t wash the dishes because I felt like not doing them which begs the label LAZY!  They’d find out I have emotional ups and downs and they wouldn’t let me carry a gun, as if I owned one.  I can’t ever imagine a time when I would want a gun, but I think we all should have the right to carry them.  Just because I have emotional swings doesn’t make me actually violent or out of control.  I don’t have guns in the house because I don’t want my kids or their friends to find them and do something foolish.

People that have guns for home defense are fine as long as they are kept under lock and key and only accessible to adults.  The adults that own the home.  Not the ones trying to steal shit.

If they dug far enough they’d learn I don’t have a gun, sure.  Having a gun isn’t necessary to resolve conflicts or home break-in situations.  I think I’d make a great conflict resolution negotiator.  Or a hostage negotiator.  Or a home break-in resolution specialist.  Just put me in, close up and personal.  Not that I want to be put to the test, which is why I lock my doors at night.

But sure, I think I could resolve conflicts but I prefer to be eye to eye, face to face.  And as much as I don’t think I’d like playing Pokemon Go, I think

chefs knife -             You can resolve any conflict through PokeMon In the heart

I’m not fit to be President.

But seriously,

Image result for clinton trump gif

For the good of the state, vote anyone but Deon.  And anyone but Hillary.  And anyone but Donald.  Unless of course you mean Hillary Rubin, or someone like her, who wants to actually do some good for people other than herself. (This is not an endorsement for Hillary Rubin necessarily, but at least I think she cares.)  Or Hillary Scott.  I mean, anyone but Clinton.  And anyone but Trump too.

Seriously, 324 Million people and these are the best ones they could choose for us to pick from?

They wouldn’t pick me, because they SHOULDN’T pick me, but then they wouldn’t pick Jesus or the Apostle Paul to run a church in the modern era either.  Because people are judgemental and have no common sense.  Jesus didn’t even teach the scriptures in any normal way.  His message, rather than one of embracing the legal system of the spiritual leaders of his day, and the outward symbols and religious lifestyles, cut straight to the heart and asked for total, genuine commitment.  His message, rather than advocating for an outwardly peaceful quest for the status quo, called for an inward revolution that led to an outward one.

If you think all is well, then pick either Hillary or Donald or Johnson or whoever you want, and keep on your path- you’re fine.  Really.

I hope we all start our journeys toward inward revolution soon, if we haven’t already started.  And I hope we have the wisdom to know what is right and the courage to do what is right no matter what the consequences may be.  I think that’s the only way to fix the human mess civilization is in.

Or, in fairness to all humanity because discrimination is bad, this:

(A little Futurama Humour- Thanks, Seth)

My prayers are with us all.  Not that they’re worth anything.  But I offer them anyway, for the good of the state.


6 thoughts on “Pour le Bien de L’État?

  1. So many people get so bent out of shape over their “rights” that no one thinks of others and how the effects with affect them. Common sense is rare these days because technology has dumbed us down to be automatons and no longer think for purselves, so therefore why should we be worried about others “rights”? I can’t read French, so I can’t fathom what you wrote. For all I know you said you like to pick your nose and wipe your boogers on the wall 😉
    And I agree 100% about how Jesus spread the word and taught others about faith. Not religion and to be glorified by statues and artifacts. Blah. People get too wrapped up in the things and forget the meaning.
    I can’t run for President. I was a lesbian once. Imagine that fodder.

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    1. It says “I am a complete wacko and I like to eat liver with fava beans and chianti.” Just kidding. It’s a quote from Three Musketeers: “It is by my order, and for the good of the state, that the bearer of this note has done what he has done.” Signed by the Cardinal.

      What do you think of Clinton? Where and when does she reach the point of “enough” scandal to disqualify her?

      Oh and just so you know, the chianti quote, if Hanibal was French and honest, he’d have said “Je suis un fou complet et j’aime manger du foie avec des fèves et chianti”

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      1. I honestly don’t watch the news to follow the scandalous Clinton party, or the idiotic Trump party. The fact that we as a society have been brainwashed and desensitized to all of this bullshit and ACCEPT it without QUESTION speaks more about OUR idiocy than the candidates back story. I’m not voting for either.
        I like the translation of the quote. Very fitting, I must say. Both translations, actually.

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  2. I would kiss Bender’s shiny metal ass easily before any of our so called presidential candidates. Bender should run, I’d vote for him.
    I don’t think you are a bad flirt. I find you adorable and am baffled why Mrs. M doesn’t have you handcuffed in the bedroom.
    Oops, did I say that aloud? I meant to only think it. My bad.

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    1. Bender’s shiny metal ass is probably more sterile than our candidates’ asses, lips, reputations, truths, lies, anything. Also he’s more honest and sensitive too despite his mechanical appearance. So yeah, I’d vote Bender too, given the option. Except he’s Mexican, not allowed by the constitution.

      Mrs M doesn’t have handcuffs, or I’d let her. And if not for Mrs M., I’d flirt harder and see what happened. The current legal system frowns on harems though. Damn. 😉 Because, you know. I’d have a hard time choosing if I had the freedom to choose. I already love you, though. I’m going to flirt with her and see what happens. But I’m not getting my *hopes* up. I’ll let HER do that. Oops did I say that aloud? My kids will be totally grossed out. Mwaaahahahaahhaahahaaaaaa!

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