Mourir d’amour

to Mrs M.

Mourir d’Amour, 7/28/2016, Deon Mumple

Your eyes are my drowning pool,
Deep green, hypnotic, I’m your fool,
Dying to dive in,
When they smile, I win,
When they cry, my soul aches

I’m thirsting for a taste of your lips,
I feel like I’m dying in the desert, for a few sips,
Then just one more,
And then just one more,
Any others would be mistakes.

Because nothing, and no one else, can ever satisfy me
I’m possessed by your perfection
Art and sculpture won’t ever surpass your beauty
For forever, you own my affection.

Starving for your embrace feels quite natural
All the moments separating us are eternal
One more touch, just one…
Wait! Wait, please!  I’m not done!


and just because I love her voice, this:


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