War Lies

War Lies, 07/22/2016, Deon Mumple

I’m better than you, I deserve the best,
I’ll take what I want, and fuck the rest,
Against their wishes, it’s better that way,
Everyone else giveth, and I taketh away,

My name will go down in history,
No one will ever surpass the greatness that is me,

We’re only taking what we need,
Who could possibly think it’s greed?
Those people are evil, our people are good,
We need to keep them out of our neighborhood,

Look what’s happening where they live, over there,
We certainly don’t have enough to share.

They look, think and  believe different things than us
Why do they, or don’t they, believe in Jesus?
They’re strange, and they don’t even try to fit in,
If you don’t believe what we do, we’ll kill you for your sin,

It’s their fault, they hurt us first,
Comparing evil to evil, they’re the worst!


3 thoughts on “War Lies

  1. I’m getting more and more famous, the future owner of Manchester United, the one and only Aakash Tyagi now follows my blog! Thanks for noticing and good luck with the franchise. It’s $16.12 a share right now, let me invest before you buy it and the stock goes up
    Damn! I’m a winner. Now if someone will convince my employers and my creditors and my wife and my family of that and I’ll be all set.

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