No Prevailing Required

No Prevailing Required, 7/19/2016, Deon Mumple

We live our unassuming lives,
The maelstrom looming just outside,
Oblivious in our dark, simple ways,
Most of us expect to survive,
What I know makes me want to hide,
From where we’re all going today.

We won’t change our directions at all
Blinded from past, and future fall
We’re proud of ourselves; Look at us! All is well!
While prying open the very gates of hell:
Let us in!
Let us in!
Let us sin!!

The storm already lurks in certain hearts
While fires burn, we send more flaming darts
Letting ourselves be used in evil ways
Pretending we don’t know what we have done
Oh, come on, it’s only a little bit of fun!
The spectrum holds all varieties of strays.

From selfishness to self idolatry
With humble looking pride, Hey, look at me!
Blind ambition, vector, hell, dying to get inside,
Fighting as if the gates weren’t already open wide:
Let us in!
Let us in!
Let us sin!

We see what we want, blind to our blindness
Selfish hearts hide, only ourselves to bless
With hopeless hopes, we take all we can take
Too many say they care for others, well pretended fakes

We fight for all we can until we die,
Blind eyes, ears deaf to our own battle cry:
Let us in!
Let us in!
Let us sin!!


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