Aokigahara (TW)

Aokigahara (TW), 07/14/2016, Deon Mumple


Flying to Aokigahara, I could be free
Walking the forest floor, no one would find me,
I could taste the raindrops from the tree canopy
And somewhere find hope, glimmering.


Winged in Aokigahara, I want to be a bird,
Singing my freedom song, sweetly, and unheard,
Acting as my own audience, deliberate, undeterred,
Through trees, the sun is shimmering.


Lovely Aokigahara, spirits escape there,
Where I dream, alone, flying without care,
Choose my own pathway, through the forest bare,
Cutting the chill, tea simmering, peace.


Snow in Aokigahara, blanketed in white,
Lying very still, I’m silent, out of sight,
Chaos, despair parting, why do others fight?
Celebrating quiet, warm, finally, release.


I can’t go to Aokigahara, and I won’t burden you,
You have no room for my paintings, my truth isn’t true,
My dreams are too unimportant, foolish, blue,
My heart doesn’t want to break yours, though broken,


All the wall space and windows are yours,
And the bed I wanted to share, of course,
I walk alone through the Aokigahara forest,
I know you’ll forget me fondly, now and then.


Once I truly believed You loved me,
But I’ve quit begging You, tears blinding
Leave me alone, found beneath Aokigahara’s trees,
Where Your indifference doesn’t matter, and no one sees.


I was to brightly reflect Your light in darkness,
Enduring with renewed strength, through the stress
I rest, alone, feeling Aokigahara’s soft caress
Fading. Forgotten as night.  Unworthy.

Note to the readers:  Don’t worry, I’m still here and have no plan to go anytime soon.  This poem only expresses how I feel about my present circumstances. Love, Deon.


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