Disclaimer, Do NOT read this unless you’re prepared to hear my opinion, which is MY opinion, about current events in the news.  If you don’t want just another guy’s opinion, fuck off and read someone elses blog. End Disclaimer.

Everyone is a poser. And if you’re not a poser, people will point at you and call you a poser.

I just read that Snoop Dog, legendary for his marijuana use and advocacy, “failed” on a Family Feud question that was directly connected to marijuana.  It begs the question, is he a poser?

But it turns out Yahoo is the poser here, giving the headline as clickbait just to get the reader to read their shit, since the answer given by him was provided by his family.  And also Yahoo is the poser because Snoop won the $25,000 even with one kind of ridiculous answer, so who’s laughing all the way to his charity bank?

Yahoo.com is a big fat poser for putting up a teaser like that.

Other posers include your junk email that is just clickbait to receive additional information about 1) boner pills 2) easy single women of all ages who want you to check into #1 and then check in with them 3) online dating hookup websites to register on to meet people and 4) porn sites if you lack the courage to go with option 2 or go out and meet actual people.  Another either clickbait that gives you the phone number to call the person who put a virus on your computer so you can get the ransom instructions to pay off to get that damned virus taken off.  They pose as a reputable company offering to intervene but it’s their virus.  Fortunately there is virus software that can get most of them off without paying the fucking ransom.  And the other is clickbait websites that offer you what you’re searching for but then try to load viruses, cookies, spyware and other bullshit onto your computer.

Trump is a huge poser, and so is Hillary.

Trump wants everyone to vote for him even though everyone suspects he doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about and is worried he changes his mind faster than a “Brexit” enthusiast changes their mind about their vote.  He’s unstable because he wants to appeal to the greatest number of people, rather than being guided by a set of principles, whether right or wrong.

Hillary wants everyone to vote for her even though everyone knows her political career has more scandal than a tabloid magazine.  She’s unstable because she wants to appeal to everyone to trust her in spite of the scandals, and she’s guided by a set of principles but they’re the wrong ones.

We’ve got two groups of people diametrically opposed to two other groups of people:

Here are the first two:  I submit The Gun Control Lobby vs. The 2nd Amendment Advocates.  Although I fall to the right side of this argument, extremes on both sides are both posers.

Second Amendment rights posers say let ’em all have guns, not just your random handgun, shotgun, rifle, but on up to fucking automatics.  I seriously believe that some crazy gun-toting idiots think automatics should be legal.  But that’s just my opinion (that they’re crazy).  They’re posers, because they routinely hold up the threat of the other side of the argument by making gun owners fear that guns will be legislated and the law will come and confiscate their guns.  Which could happen, but I seriously doubt the repeal of the second amendment will happen.  And I hope it never does happen.  I’d just be happy if they limited the destructive ability of legal guns, registered them all, made fingerprint locks for all guns for safety, kept digital records of markings put on casings including these high-tech ones, and imposed the death penalty for any adult who murders someone else.  I watched a video this weekend showing cops murdering unarmed people, and then I saw another thing that showed “things you can be killed for while being black,”  and I’ll get to that.  There’s another set of posers coming, no one will like that either, shortly.  But let me say, that if anyone, even if a COP, kills someone in cold blood without a fucking good reason, that person should get the death penalty.

Gun control lobbyists are huge in the news, swearing up and down and sideways that making guns illegal will reduce gun-related crimes. How’s that working for you, Chicago, Illinois?  It was rhetorical.  It’s not working.  It only makes the law-abiding citizen, who is denied their right to bear arms provided under the second amendment, a sitting duck unable to defend themselves, their families, and their communities, from a gun-toting criminal.  These people are posers because they think that by crying and saying “won’t somebody think of the children,” that their emotional appeal will suddenly make logical sense to another person who is only trying to defend himself and his family and his community, and that person will go “Oh.  Ok, here are my guns, turn them into harmless sculptures for me, will you?” And the criminal will just up and surrender all their guns too.  It’s not going to happen.

Both groups are deluded posers.

I’ve got a huge group of posers that will follow my discussion of 2 other equal and opposite posers and no one is going to like any of them.

These are extreme, on “opposing” sides of a “conflict,” which I put in quotes because they’re both posers.

Back to the video clips I saw where the cops were shooting unarmed people.  I’ll readily state that I watched in horror when the cops didn’t seem justified in shooting.  A person walking away or running away, go get the guy, because shooting him in the back is murder.  But in several, the “innocent victim” and the “guilty cop” are both out of camera view and we don’t know what’s happening that precipitated the shots being fired.  In some of these, the idiot perpetrator fails to follow repeated instructions.  In one, he gets out of the car and casually walks back toward the police car completely ignoring the cop who is asking him, nicely but with authority at first, to stay in the car with his hands out the window.  He appeared to keep his hands up, but after walking out of camera range continued to not listen and was shot after doing who knows what.  People need to quietly comply with cops because they carry guns and tasers and can kill people.  I have to go back to “A gentle answer turns away wrath.” Proverbs 15:1.  If you listen and obey a policeman and inform when you’re about to make any sudden movements, the chances of you getting shot are sure to be minimized.

I am upset about this, so for all the Blue Lives Matter movement people, it’s time to clean house.  And it’s time to come clean.  Instead of washing the blood off of each others’ hands “in an internal investigation and review,” where “the officer was found to have followed correct procedure,” the truth needs to come out.  And the obvious truth needs to be confessed.

Back to the thing I saw that showed names and faces and said the people in the presentation were doing ordinary things while being black and they got killed for it.  That, too was misguided.  The obvious thought that would spring to mind of the viewer was that it was to support the viewer thinking of it as a cop vs innocent concept piece.  It’s clickbait.  You’ve got enough fuel to pour on the fire without the need for exaggeration. In the presentation, there was flagrant exaggeration.  They included the people who were killed at their church by a gun-toting ass hole, not a cop vs. innocent issue.  They included that vigilante “community watch” ass hole and we weren’t there to see what the fuck he did or what his victim did to him.  No proof.  And again, not a cop vs. innocent issue.  So for all the Black Lives Matter movement people, it’s time to own up that there is a problem with crime in the United States of America, the statistics may show that more black people are arrested, but is there proof somewhere that there’s less black people committing crimes or more people of other races getting off on some kind of “privilege?”  I’ve gotten traffic tickets before and had to pay those fines. Once was for driving-while-in-a-crappy-car, and I say that because I witness the same “offense” being ignored by cops all the time.  Once was for speeding-while-white, because the officer issuing the ticket was non-white and the fancy car that passed me on the left was driven by a non-white.

I have to go back to “But if you do wrong, be afraid, for rulers do not bear the sword for no reason. They are God’s servants, agents of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer. Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also as a matter of conscience.” Romans 13, if you do something bad and the cops find out, they are potentially the aforementioned “agents of wrath.”  I did something wrong, the cop stopped me and gave me a ticket.  And the “let me see your hands” is an instruction, authoritatively delivered, whether you’re white or black, at least if my experience is representative of their training.  So, you think you’re being harassed for being black, I call bullshit.  You did something to attract the authority’s attention.

The Blue Lives Matter movement is posing when they cover up when they did something wrong, and the Black Lives Matter is posing when they minimize their guilt or exaggerate their case with unrelated incidents.

And the other posers came by my door the other day.  Some religious cult.  I wasn’t home or I could have asked them what they do with false prophets and how many times their leaders have predicted the “rapture of the saints,” which as far as I’m aware, hasn’t happened yet.  The predictions I’m aware of. They were lying and the people are still following them.  Sheep.  Ignorant.  Posers.  And not just that religious cult.  Others who claim to be on the fast track to heaven, call out others for their sins, but conveniently ignore their own sins.  That, to me, is the WORST kind of poser there is.

I’m afraid it won’t be unraveled until the end, when we all have to give an account to God.  When that happens, we’ll know that a lot of this shit was just trumped up, or Trumped up, or Hillaried up, or fucking made up, to play on people’s fears and hates and suspicions.  It does NOT say there will be no tears in heaven, at least not until “the former things” are passed away.  Until then, it actually says, (I can hear Cliff Claven from Cheers informing Norm because I’m that old) that “God will wipe away every tear.” (Revelation 21:4)

We have to be thinkers because there are liars out there.  We have to be “wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.” (Matthew 10:16)  We have to figure out what truth is, and we have to be wary of the agenda of the liars.  Is it actually truth, or is it playing on your fears and suspicions and hatreds?  If it’s truth, act on that.  If it’s not, don’t.  Fear is a strong motivator and it’s intended to control the way we think and act and vote.  It’s too late for me to tell anyone, don’t vote on fear.  We all have to vote based on whichever candidate inspires the least fear in our hearts, but they both scare me.  I think that may be why Paul wrote we have to “work out your salvation with fear and trembling.” (Philippians 2:12)  I’d say, we have to work out our lives with caution and discernment.  Because maybe we’re wrong.  Or what’s worse, maybe we’re being played.

I hope you’re not being played.  Fuck, I hope I’m not being played.

Good luck out there.



13 thoughts on “Posers

  1. If I’m wrong about clickbait, why is there a comment in my spam queue RIGHT NOW from fucking “Marcia Free-Nude-Cams.girls-free-nude-cams…x” which I swear I am not making up but I am deleting? Oh, my GOD. STAY THE FUCK OFF MY BLOG if you’re selling pretend-sex. FUCKING POSERS. I don’t even want you here if you’re selling real-sex. Thank you and goodbye, jackoff. I mean jackass. I mean jackoff.

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  2. No you are not a poser, you tell it like it is brother. That is why I love your blog, you show wisdom and not one of the sheep following along. I agree with everything you have said, it is like no one just uses common sense anymore. And yes anyone who murders someone should get the death penalty cop or who ever. That would stop all the murders going on. Oh, so why can’t we have a good person run for President? Because big business buys the crooks. That’s what I’m afraid of they are all despicable.

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  3. “Wise as serpents, harmless as doves”, love that.

    Devil’s advocate…do all degrees of murder get death penalty or just first degree murder?

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    1. Yeah, I think if someone is killed with your gun and it has a functioning fingerprint lock, you probably pulled the trigger. I know accidents will still happen and there are still degrees of offense, but that’s why we have forensic investigators and juries. The courts have to be the same -wise and gentle. I also think if it occurs off camera it’s harder to indict a cop. Because we don’t know what happened. But cops and registered gun owners need to be trained to use the least amount of force to contain a person- again, wise and gentle. Verbal command first, physical restraint second, taser third, gun last. Too many cops on camera have gone straight to last resort thinking without even trying the other less fatal methods.

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      1. What about cop cams? Are you digging the idea that all cops should have a body camera, documenting their encounters with civilians?

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    1. I read someone’s article about how I’m supposed to be all sensitive and apologetic for the way discrimination happens, and I’m sure it does in some places. I am, truly, sorry if you were targeted because of your race. But racism cuts both ways and nobody says anything when it’s me being hated on. Who speaks for me? If I say anything, I must be a racist and I’m ignorant and insensitive, words used to shut me up. Then they launch into the statistics. And I recall the old truism, “figures don’t lie, but liars figure.” The statistic may say something, but maybe the question being asked is the wrong question and then the answer looks skewed because you asked it wrong, or you’re misusing or misinterpreting the data because it helps your cause. JUST like the presentation about the “ordinary things you can do that’ll get you killed if you’re black.” That subtle kind of lie, deception, half-truth, skews the data to sway, or inflame, the audience.

      It’s kind of about your perspective. I don’t respond to life the same way some people do, with a sense of personal entitlement. Those people ask how much can I take and get away with it- from stealing a place in a line of traffic to stealing money, it’s really the same mind set. I approach with a sense of personal responsibility. It’s not about what I can take. It’s how I can make things better for everyone, not one person or group.

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      1. Yes! It needs to be better for all types of people not just a certain person or group. That’s exactly what upsets me about the Black Lives Matter movement. They exclude other races and lifestyles. I understand they’ve had it rough a lot (maybe more so than others) but so have other races and religions like Latinos, Muslims, Gays, etc. There are good and bad people of all types. Not all cops are evil either.

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