Animal Dance

Do the animals dance and sing for joy
When they acquire food or drink?
It’s a world where herons eat the koi,
And we know why flamingos are pink.

We live as consumers being consumed,
Without any apology,
Say what you will, but we’re all doomed
To be worm-food eventually,

We’re all selfish, living begrudgingly,
Disparaging others their food,
Whether being “humane” or being “healthy”
As ways to rule others, it’s rude.

Can we learn a better behaviour pattern?
If an animal dances and sings
Shouldn’t we do the same, each taking a turn?
Sharks and lions share blood offerings.

We should celebrate each day’s survival
I’m afraid we all need to be smarter.
Life in the wild’s hard enough without rivals
Who live trying to make it harder.


3 thoughts on “Animal Dance

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