Can we say it in a shorter, quicker, pithier way?

I’m all for concise speech (says the guy who rambles on in his blogs about nothing, or about the same things, again, and again, ad nauseum), but I think the era of twitter and instant messaging has taken this in a negative direction.

Instead of making us better communicators, I believe we’re terrible at it and we are getting worse and not better.  I’m on Twitter, sure.  But I really dislike the way Twitter’s hashtag communication links are bleeding into day-to-day communication.

Please don’t say “hashtag” fill-in-the-blank out loud when you are speaking.  It doesn’t make your conversation pithier or more concise, it makes you sound like an idiot.

I reached the absolute last straw with this “Brexit” thing.  I kept hearing people talk about “Brexit” this, “Brexit” that, and I kept asking myself what the fuck is “Brexit?”  Well, I listened to some news and found out it has to do with Britain Exiting from the European Union.  How the fuck is this making our communication more clear?  Sure it’s concise.  Sure it’s quicker to say.  But it’s not making things clearer and easier to understand.  It’s making our newscasters sound like idiots.

I know you need to be concise and move on to your next story quickly.  Your newscast has to flow #mextly.  Do not fucking start using that term without paying me for the rights.    But if I just randomly started using #mextly, no one would understand what the fuck I’m talking about.  It’s concise, but it’s not clear.  In short, #mextly is as moronic as any of the other shorthanded hashtag expressions that have become a part of our language.

I don’t want life, or communication, to be abbreviated to the point it’s unintelligible gibberish.  But that’s the way absolutely everything has become.

Say what you have to say.  Say. the. words.  If I’m interested I’ll continue listening past the 5 second attention span everyone is down to.  If I get bored, it wasn’t something I wanted, or needed, to know about.  If no one listens, get a clue and shut the fuck up.  Oh, sorry.  I should have said, #STFU, which actually takes MORE time to say.  But somehow it’s more concise.


5 thoughts on “Shorter

  1. I view social media as anti-social media. Seriously, when you go to a cookout or whatever and every single person is busy updating their status or watching youtube…It’s anti social. I don’t do smart phones so I’m the lone dumbass actually trying to be social.
    (Yeah, I’ve never used Twitter but I still love mocking its simpleton model.)

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  2. Great post!! I hate the hashtag nonsense everyone puts into their everyday speech. Like that is funny? The worst is every student speaker at graduations; they all comment and insert hashtag (your lame term) and it is suppose to be funny. It’s not. I have a Twitter account but I don’t read it and WP does an auto post for me so I really don’t know much about Twitter. I know that it doesn’t make that much sense to me. Again, thanks for letting me vent and great blog post!

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  3. I was also really confused by the whole “Brexit” thing. I had read about Britain exiting, but I didn’t parallel that with the term. If people spent as much time memorizing grammatical rules as they spend memorizing silly abbreviations, we’d all be a lot better off.

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