Our eyes adjust to light and dark, we learn to move and see
In almost any circumstance, functional, relatively.
In darkness our eyes dilate to maximize the light,
So we don’t hurt ourselves, and it’s the opposite when bright-
In light we’re not as blinded when pupils contract.
When life changes, as with light, why’s it so hard to adapt?
I do so poorly with surprises, some days I panic.
Some days I want to just stay home in bed, I feel so sick.
It would be nice to find we support each other through it.
When we can’t cope, when life hands us a bucket full of shit.
Every day the crises come, change cannot be avoided.
Too few love and give real support. I’m always disappointed.
We’re selfish, we burn each other, it’s so hard to be trusting
Is it such a difficult thing, to care?  Why’s that “adjusting?”
Our lives are full of stress and change we can’t anticipate
Why can’t we all love each other instead of trading hate?


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