Burning Out

Burning Out, 06/21/2016, Deon Mumple
(response to writing challenge)

The fireplace glows softer, fading to grey
I sleep the best I can, a fitful way,
I dream a raging forest fire’s flame,
Subconscious mind and conscious both the same.

I’m burning out wishing that her love was real,
Waiting to see if she sees the way I feel.
I didn’t want her to be blinded by my heart.
Did she stare at the flares too long right at the start?

If only I were able to control
The blaze consuming me, body and soul!
I wish she knew the way she affects me!
I’m incandescent, and she doesn’t see.

I fade to grey like the fire in my soul.
This waiting is taking a terrible toll.
Was I wrong to believe we could be the real thing?
Am I foolish for hearing how she makes my heart sing?

Praying to the gods of love and fire,
Is it too much to ask?
Why is she so far, how does she still inspire?

I’m burning out hoping that this love’s still real,
Waiting to see if she sees the way I feel.


10 thoughts on “Burning Out

    1. Thanks! I didn’t know if it was so much interpretation as my real life experiences: getting old, being in love, not getting the response I want, waiting, hoping, daydreaming. I didn’t start out with a song in mind, but that’s how it came out, complete with a bridge. Now I need a musician to interpret it, with string quartet and electric guitars I think… 😀 I appreciate you.~DM

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