Blood Rain (tw)

Blood Rain (Sonnet), 6/20/2016, Deon Mumple

She is my world.  Why do I feel this way?
A love as easy as depression’s stay,
I would it leave and she always remain
Love and depression both come and bring pain

Love is the craving for a drug, and more,
That when not granted leaves one empty, sore
The pain enrages, such a simple wish
After the yeses, why not embellish?

A thousand wishes granted, then, just, “no?”
When one expected love to only grow?
No explanation?  Love’s not whimsical.
Her choice to reject is illogical

And just as sensible is the blood rain
Precipitated by depression’s pain.


3 thoughts on “Blood Rain (tw)

    1. it comes and goes, I wish I could say “like an old friend ,” except it feels more like a childhood bully who keeps coming around. I just wanted to put the feelings into words. And I’m fine, or I will be fine. After the wave passes.

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