Idiot Shithead Terrorist

Another ass hole decided to go off and killed 50 and injured 53, naturally the sympathizers are saying “he was bi-polar,” “he had a mental illness” so of course the gun control assholes are going to be calling their gun control chips in.  But if ONE PERSON had a gun and a license to carry in Orlando, He would have gotten a whole lot fewer people.  Why is anyone trying to be so sympathetic toward the terrorist?  Don’t interview the family or his friends or his church people.  No fame.  Fuck that ass hole.  Send his ass straight to a well-earned one way trip to hell, and remember his victims only.  Forget his name and never mention it.

It wasn’t anything but an act of terrorism.  It wasn’t an act of “mental illness.”  I have a fucking mental illness and I don’t want to shoot anyone, but I’ll want someone to shoot back if an attack occurs near me.

Bipolar is not to blame, legislators.  Mental illness is not to blame. But,

An ass hole acts like an ass hole attacking innocents, and the ass holes jump in to take advantage of the situation for their personal benefit, proof of their ass holery.

I don’t need the news media to tell me what to think. I have my own opinions about the issues already.  But expect the gun control lobby to jump all over this shit after the blood has barely been washed away.

If you are in Orlando, I’m sorry for your losses.  Loss of people.  Loss of loved ones.  Loss of peace and security.  May God help you, and may God save us all.

Holy Shit, Andre Carson is already saying the guns are part of the problem.  Shut the fuck up.  Stop.  Think. Arm EVERYONE so we can defend ourselves before the next fifty or a hundred are senselessly killed.


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