What ARE you people thinking?  😉

I saw a few new people have just started following my blog and I just want to say that, since I follow a lot of blogs and I know how time consuming it is just trying to write something, which is why mine is not the best blog by any light year stretch of the imagination.  It’s not even the best by a yoga style stretch, although I confess I think it’s a bit like that famous downward facing dog, and who wants THAT in their face?  Which is another reason to ask the question. Yes, I could have found a horrible picture of a downward facing dog, but, eww.

[insert picture of gargantuan dog looking up with those eyes, you know the ones: cute puppy face, fangs and tongue. He’s going to eat the audience] Sorry, I can’t find the one. You picture it. It’s in your mind somewhere. Isn’t he/she adorable?!

Just trying to write something consumes a hunk of waking hours faster than mould on American cheese. food. product. (warning, product contains no cheese!)  Following takes even more time.  There are articles to read, thoughts to ponder, responses and responses to responses writers responded to, or responses to your responses…the whole thing takes lots of time if you want to do it right.  So I must confess, as if you didn’t already know this, that I don’t do it right.  And you should also trust me, if I EVER figure out how to do a downward facing dog without falling on the dog, you do NOT want to see that.  Your eyes might bleed.  And I don’t even have a dog.

I always miss these landmark events…  Landmark?  Benchmark?  Marky Mark?

EARTH SHATTERING?!!  Which one is the right one to use?  I never learned that one in writer school because, well, I never WENT to writer school, so I just bumble around here trying to amuse myself.  NO, NOT like THAT!!  Shut up!  Anyway the landmark event I’m about to miss is my 200th subscriber to my blog.  And again, I’m just so puzzled, what ARE you people thinking?

It’s fine with me if you want to follow my blog.  Just remember, don’t take anything personal, except for a little piece of my heart, and we’ll all be fine.

Go on and take it.

I was late on 50, I was late on 100, I’m fucking EARLY for 200!  Finally I’m early for something.  But it’s presumptuous of me.

Sorry, I’ve presumed that eventually there will be 200 people who appreciate a certain brand of insanity. I even tried to warn you about myself.  But hey, you’ve got a free will to decide these things for yourselves, I can’t restrain you from clicking that follow button, nor can I get you to not follow me by telling you that I’m like your brain touching the hot stove, or your brain after eating mouldy cheese on potatoes.  

No good will come of it.  No good.  It’s just bad.

It was a toss up.  The coin toss was either “You Know I’m No Good,” by Amy Winehouse, or “Bad to the Bone” by George Thoroughgood and the Destroyers.  “Lonesome George” won.  Sorry Amy.

I may go to the oven in the bunker and bake myself a little celebratory Cake. Perhaps.


10 thoughts on “198 Followers?

    1. tomato, tomahhto? Let’s call the whole blog “off.”
      characterized by someone performing or feeling worse than usual; unsatisfactory or inadequate.
      “even the greatest athletes have off days”


  1. You’re in a mood today aren’t you?! I think I like this brand of DM, he’s sarcastically hilarious with a sprinkle on innuendo. You could have used “You’re no good, you’re no good, you’re no good, baby you’re no good” Can’t remember who sings it though.

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    1. Mrs M tortured the family today at some physical fitness. Yay, I didn’t die. I did have a few near death experiences though. That’s Linda Ronstadt:

      But my 200 followers are all good. Somehow I cracked a bicentennial. Yay!

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  2. Yet another reader you all should check out is #200. The winner of this prize is…
    I couldn’t decide which drum roll to use, the one on Edgar Winter at about, ohh, 7:51

    or the one on YYZ at about 3:21 (how appropriate for one who is counting…)

    And now yet another blogger I’ll have to read and enjoy,

    You can all see the thought-provoking poetry and photography here:


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