Don’t Give Up!

Your crippled heart’s a match to mine,
We lie and say “everything’s fine,”
But what we see is blackest night,
And we want to give up the fight.

I don’t know if your demons are
The same as mine when life is hard
And it looks easier to die
Than to keep living all these lies

Maybe the fuckheads got to you
The bullys’ lies that feel true
I know they all still speak to me
The lies that feel like honesty

Don’t give up.

When they tell us we’re not normal,
Worth less than they are, (fucking bull)
It feels like they’re still cutting me
I’ve seen their truth all too clearly

The little things they noticed, that
Make me look very different
Somehow are unacceptable
To be let in to their circle

To be granted friendship with them
Beautiful trolls and their demons
They left their demons here with me
Whispering what I’ll never be

Showing me things that aren’t real,
Faking the things they make me feel
I know the “Truth that sets me free,”
Lies are believed more easily.

I’ve learned there’s beauty everywhere,
Not in the bullies who don’t care
If they hurt others, break our hearts
I still hear their lies, it still smarts

I’ve looked into eyes, tears spilling,
Lies were hurting, lies were killing,
Like art, those eyes were beautiful,
I’ve heard hearts that were just as full.

Don’t give up.

You and I need a love that’s real
Something our scars can never steal
I love you, friend, look through my eyes
See your beauty, the truth, blue skies

I hope you’ll find that you love me,
Find strength to tell all your bullies,
“Fuck you! You aren’t worth hearing!
I’ve got a friend who makes me sing,”

Don’t give up.

Sing until you drown out the hate
Until love’s all that’s on your plate,
Have a big dish of happiness,
Walking with me, though life’s a mess.

Don’t give up.


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